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Movie Review: 102 Not Out

Movie Review: 102 Not Out

Mumbai:  After 75 years, a father teaches his son to walk again. Sings lullabies for him. Teaches him to laugh. Teaches him how to live. He raises his son Babu once again. Why did an elderly man have to do this at the age of 102? There must be some reason … the climax is overwhelming.

The story of

102-year-old father and 75-year-old son (Rishi Kapoor) Babu i.e. Rishi Kapoor who walks through the needle of a clock, he has accepted old age and there is no thrill in his life. At the same time, 102-year-old Dattatreya (Amitabh Bachchan) lives life to the fullest. He still aspires to live another 16 years so that he can break the record of a Chinese man. The purpose of his life is to change the dull life of his son Babulal, for which he adopts many tricks. Baap Bet’s romantic film 102 Not Out.

After 27 years, talking about the acting of Amitabh and Rishi Kapoor, who came together on the big screen, is like seeing the sun light up. But it is so sure that at this stage of age, these two actors did not leave even a single moment in the entire film where you feel lack of any other element i.e. romance, action, item or special songs, heroine. Often where Bachchan is there, there is no special scope for any other artist, but in this film, Rishi Kapoor also won the hearts of the people with his tremendous acting. Rishi Kapoor has complemented Bachchan in every scene. He is very cute apart from this, the role of Jimith Trivedi is special. Getting a place between these two celebs is an achievement in itself, which Jimmy has done.

Arjit Joshe Bhai Soumya Joshi has written this film which is based on a passing play. You will remember the dialogues of this film. Like – ‘If the child goes out of hell, he should forget it … Only his childhood should be remembered’, ‘I am strongly against dying … I do not die as long as I am alive’ and ‘I am the first father in the world’ I will be someone who wants to send his son to old age home. Many such dialogues will make you laugh and make you cry in the film as well.

Why see

    • If you have not seen a film with your parents for a long time, then 102 Not Out can take them or go with them. Age is not a realm but beyond that, life should come to life. At the time, it also teaches to test relationships 102 not out.


    • 27 years later, Amitabh Bachchan – Rishi Kapoor’s duo is amazing.


    • This is the beautiful offer of Umesh Shukla, who made films like ‘O My God’ ‘All Is Well’.


    • One such film to watch with parents, you get a good message.


  • Amitabh Bachchan has also become a music composer with this film and ‘Badumba’ is his offering. Although this song is not in the film, it is being used as a promotional song.

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