Army of the Dead full movie review

Army of the Dead

You will remember Shahrukh Khan’s movie ‘Happy New Year’ while watching the movie Army of the Dead. The plan to rob billions of rupees from a big vault and the formation of a team for this is also seen in Army of the Dead. A dance competition track was added to the story of the movie Happy New Year, with zombies in the background.

The story is of an American city called Vegas which is completely occupied by zombies. The city has been sealed from all sides and the government plans to completely destroy the city by dropping atomic bombs. Vagus has $ 200 million in the vault of a casino. Scott Ward is tasked with stealing it. He makes a team and goes there to rob them. He has thousands of zombies in his path which his team has to compete with.

Jack Snyder has taken a lot of responsibility for this film. He is the producer, director, writer and cinematography. There is nothing new in the story. Many films have been made on this type of story. We have seen in many films about teaming for loot and each character having some special feature. The story of the Army of the Dead basically runs on three tracks. The fight with the zombies, the vaulting of the vault and the emotional relationship between Scott Ward and his daughter.

The best of these three tracks is the fight track with Jombi. Thousands of zombies are killed. The rashes of his head fly like a burst of watermelon. Carcasses of blood and flesh fly around. A lion is also zombie and he brutally murders a person. A zombie is smashed between two doors. There are many such scenes that people who dislike bloodshed can hardly see, but those who like the movie of zombies will like it. The director has also worked hard on this part and kept more footage.

As far as the vault opening and looting track is concerned, the adventure is missing. There is nothing new. Everything goes smoothly, no hindrances, no difficulties, so it seems absurd.

The love-hate relationship shown by Scott Ward and his daughter is not one that tears out. It is a trend these days that even people who look like superheroes and perform feats are not far from sorrow and pain. There is also tension in his family life. Maybe that’s why this track has been ranked.

The ending of the film is disappointing. Why? That’s why you should watch the film itself. However, in the end, a thread is left so that if the next part is formed then it will help to weave the story with the help of this thread.

Director Jack Snyder’s film, despite the newness and shortcomings in the story, can be seen once because there are many amazing scenes in it. Fighting scenes are the attraction. The film was produced on a grand scale. The set of devastated cities is tremendous. The film is filmed brilliantly. The ending would have been better and had the vaulting sequel been thrilling, the film would have reached different heights.

Dave Bautista, who played the lead role in the film, is a wrestler, a bodybuilder. His issues are worth seeing. Only such a man was needed for this role, even if he was weak in acting. Dave has handled this responsibility properly. Dave’s daughter is played by Ella Purnell. His face is expressive and he has done a great acting. Raul Castillo, Ana de la Reguera, Theo Rossi also impress. Yes, Indian actress Huma Qureshi has also appeared in this film. The role is small, but she has managed to make her presence felt.

The Army of the Dead can be viewed with little hope. Big movie fun gives it in small parts.

Producer-Director: Jack Snyder
Music: Tom Holkenborg
Dave Bottista, Ella Purnell, Raul Castillo, Ana de la Reguera, Theo Rossi, Huma Qureshi

* For those above 18 years * 2 hours 28 minutes
* Available on Netflix

* Rating: 3/5


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