Sunny Leone is completing 40 years of age on 13 May. Here is 25 interesting information about Sunny Leone …


1) Very few people knew Sunny Leone’s name before coming to Bigg Boss 5. It was only after appearing in this reality show that people came to know that she is a porn star and soon after that she became popular in India. 
2) Sunny Leone was approached by filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt inside Bigg Boss Show to narrate the story of her film which Sunny liked. Bhatt was eyeing Sunny for a long time. He also tried to sign Sunny for his film ‘Kalyug’, but Sunny then asked for one million dollars and Sun Bhatt gave up the intention to sign him. 
3) Born on 13 May 1981, Sunny’s real name is Karanjit. When he got the offer of porn films, there was talk of changing the name and he chose the name Sunny for himself. 
4) The name of a popular Bollywood actor is also Sunny, Sunny Deol. A joke about Sunny Leone and Sunny Deol became so popular that if Sunny Leone marries actor Sunny Deol, both husband and wife will be named Sunny Deol. 
5) Sunny Leone is said to be the first kiss at the age of 11. Had sex with a basketball player for the first time at the age of 16 and at the age of 18, they were bisexual.
6) In childhood, Sunny loved to play hockey and often played hockey with boys. He also loves to go ice skating. 
7) Sunny has also worked in a bakery and a tax and retirement firm before venturing into the porn industry. 
8) One of her classmates advised Sunny to do modeling. I met a photographer and posed for Penthouse magazine. After this, he had a flurry of proposals. 
9) Sunny saw a lot of scope in posing nude for the magazine. There was also plenty of money and opportunity to roam around the country and abroad. So they took steps in this direction. 
10) In the year 2003, Sunny entered the world of hardcore pornography by entering into a three-year deal with Vivid Entertainment.
11) Sunny’s first film was titled ‘Sunny’. As soon as she stepped into the porn industry, she announced that she would do lesbian scenes. After working in these films, the number of Sunny’s fans grew and they were eager to see his film. 
12) In the year 2007, Sunny agreed to accompany the man in front of the camera. His partner became Matt Erickson, who was his fiancée. He made his first film with a male by getting breast enlargement. The name of the film was Sunny Loves Matt.
13) When Sunny’s relationship with Matt broke up, she agreed to film with other men as well and did films with men like Tommy Gun, Charles Dera, James Dean. 
14) Sunny took full advantage of her popularity. Made an adult film by becoming a film director. Made money from these films through the Internet. Modeled many popular products.  
15) He also played the role of Red Corporate Reporter for MTV India in 2005 during the MTV Awards.
16) Sunny Leone felt that the people of India would not accept her, but to her surprise that people meet her well and are crazy about her beauty. 
17) Apart from adult films, Sunny has also worked in some film and TV shows. 
18) Sunny is very aware of his health. She exercises daily and keeps her figure in shape. Vegetables, fruit juices, and milk are plentiful. 
19) Sunny Leone wanted to work with the big stars of Bollywood, but the big stars of the film industry kept a distance with them. However, he kept saying that he did not mind working with Sunny.  
20) Sunny Leone worked hard on Hindi to play long innings in Bollywood. Apart from Hindi, he also acted in films in other languages. 
21) Sunny says that she chose her profession on her own without any pressure and she is proud of what she does. 
22) Sunny Leone has acted as an actress in about 35 adult films and has directed 25 films. 
23) Sunny’s husband is Daniel Weber who also handles all of Sunny’s work. They also have three children.  
24) After saying yes to Ragini MMS 2, she went to meet Ekta Kapoor in her office wearing a burqa. 
25) Sunny is a bisexual, but later she says that she prefers male. She spends her free time painting, horse riding and reading. He loves watching Discovery Channel.


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