Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele Movie Review in Hindi

Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele Movie Review in Hindi
Many films based on the boy-girl road trip have been made in Bollywood. Fresh examples like Jab We Met and Jab Harry Met Sejal are in front of us. ‘Hum Bhi Akela Tum Bhi Akela ‘ has been released on the OTT platform, with Zarine Khan and Anshuman Jha in lead roles and director Harish Vyas.

In this road trip of boy-girl, an attempt has been made to do something different and new by giving a twist of LGBTQ. Heroine Mansi (Zarine Khan) is a lesbian who runs away from home when the boys come to see her. Hero Veer (Anshuman Jha) is gay, runs away from home at the moment of engagement. Both do not have the courage to tell their family members that they are gay. The two meet in Delhi and the situation is such that the two go on a journey together.
The story tells that the heroine Mansi has boyish qualities, such as – she is dominating, spreads things in the room, and wears a paint-T shirt. Can we call a girl like a boy on the same thing? There are so many girls and they are not gay. Should a girl be shy? Can’t she be cool? Can’t laugh
Wait, listen to the quality of the hero too, he keeps things organized, he speaks slowly. These things of her have been called the qualities of a girl. It will be called the work of the author who has used such arguments to create the pair of Mansi and Veer. Gay and lesbian were fine, but these ‘qualities’ have been used to merely spread the story.
Harish Vyas has also written the film and as a writer he disappoints. The film soon deviates from the issue of LGBTQ. It is not clear what Mansi and Veer want. They also like each other and also remember their partner. This confusion of theirs arises intermittently.
The film lacks entertainment. An attempt has been made to make the journey of Veer and Mansi exciting. Comedy has also been cast, but the scenes are so long and boring that the audience is not at all interested in what they are talking about. Their conversation is not interesting.
Harish Vyas as director has been more focused on making the film look beautiful. The set and the characters looked beautiful. Because of this, the film became such a beautiful painting that there is no life. An attempt was made to raise a big issue, but when the weight did not lift it was left in the middle. A twist is given in the climax, which arouses sympathy for Mansi and Veer, but by then it is late.
The kind of setup that the film has, Anshuman Jha as a hero did not fit. It takes time to accept him as a hero. Zarine Khan is the surprise of the film. He has played the character of Mansi well. She is comfortable in front of the camera. Other artists did not have much opportunities.
Overall, ‘Hum Bhi Akela Tum Bhi Akela’ is such a film that wants to say a lot but cannot express it properly.
Producer: First Ray Films
Director: Harish Vyas
Artist: Zarine Khan, Anshuman Jha
Streaming On: Disney Plus Hotstar
Rating: 2/5


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