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A Guide to Seasons in Lord of the Rings: Rise to War


The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War There may be a primarily solo experience, but adding to the season means teamwork is an important element. So how does this mechanic work, and how do you get the best results out of it?

The game itself has several modes of play, including city building, battle preparation and warfare, and faction development. In Dol Guldur, players are tasked with leading the armies of their settlement on Middle-earth to steal the One Ring from Sauron’s armies. The in-game tutorial will guide you through various mechanics that include recruiting an army, building defenses, and leveling up your own ring.

Time is a limited resource, however, as the game moves in real time, pitting opposing factions against each other with real players. This is where the seasons come in, uniting and dividing the different factions in equal measure.

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While it is possible to attack other players’ settlements early in the game, it would be unwise to do so. The time and limited resources used to bolster an appropriately sized army will not be rewarded in kind, and as such is best left for end-game combat. Instead of progressing through the game at an individual pace, the season means the entire server is working together to advance the story – even if they’re fighting for opposing factions.

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At the start of the game, chapters will move fairly quickly, requiring players to complete tutorials and explore Middle-earth on their own. There’s little reason to be outright competitive at this point, as the opening chapters rely on resource advantage and leveling. The more you contribute to the communal effort as an individual, the more rewards you stand to receive after the season ends.

new season, new you

When a new season arrives, usually after two to three months, much of the server’s current progress will be reset. The commander and his level of honor will remain the same, with equipment and equipment effects. The impact will remain with most items as well. A new season means an opportunity to renew your faction, and it will wipe out progress on the map and servers. All resources, lands, structures, units, and fellowships will be reset, and players can even redesign their new rings.

factions and stats

In Season 1, from Chapter 4 onwards, you’ll have to practice your fighting skills, defeat hordes, and capture an increasing number of tiles and areas. Chapter 9 will progress when a major faction reveals itself. Chapter 10 enters the current endgame, where Dol Guldur must be captured and the armies concerned must be defeated. After this, PVP becomes a requirement, as Chapter 11 requires a faction to actively take at least three other factions’ capitals.


preparation is important

Meeting these big challenges in later chapters requires some forward planning, but the resume provided at the end of each season means you’ll always have one more chance to come out on top. One way you can prepare for endgame competition is to make sure their ring is leveled efficiently. It is unfair to spread ability points across the board, as a defined structure of advancement will provide far greater bonuses.

You can also buy Season Passes to increase the rewards and items available to you. The Season Pass includes an immediate 10 level boost, multiple items, a mathematic medal, and the ability to earn more rewards per level. Players with an active Season Pass will also be able to access more weekly challenges.

Ready to write your own story on the battlefields of Middle-earth? The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War is now available Google Play and App Store.

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