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After seeing back to back IPO listings by Indian companies. Now we have Bajaj Energy on the list. Bajaj Power has wholly owned 100% stake in Bajaj Energy. and now it plans to start it as follows bajaj energy ipo date 2021 Approx Rs. 5450 crore by its initial share sale offer. Thus now we will talk more about the latest Bajaj IPO listing, possible bajaj energy ipo date 2021 And many more in this article. Tell us about your thoughts in the comments below Bajaj Energy IPO Gray Market Premium.

bajaj energy ipo date 2021

Lalitpur Power Gen Limited (LPGL) is a subsidiary of Bajaj Energy Group. Thus they believe in producing a safe and reliable energy. Thus they are doing their bit to reduce its carbon footprint as a means of sustainable development. Now they are meeting the energy needs of the country with the generation of 1980 MW of electricity. And all this is proving to be very effective. With reducing the consumption of coal for the production of 1 unit of electricity. So a total of 5 such plants are continuously generating electricity to meet our energy needs.

Bajaj Energy IPO Gray Market Premium

Bajaj Energy is the largest Indian Thermal Power Generating Firm along with Lalitpur Power Gen Ltd. Thus located in Uttar Pradesh it focuses on the operation of thermal power plants. Hence creating a combined capacity of 450 MW in total. Simultaneously, in the wake of the second wave of coronavirus. As the country faced a long shortage of oxygen plants. So to deal with the shortage of oxygen in Lalitpur district of Uttar Pradesh state. Bajaj Energy Group has thus started the construction of Oxygen Plant in Lalitpur district.

Bajaj Energy Limited Profit & Assets

Thus now we will look at the overall financial trends of Bajaj Group here to check the performance of Bajaj Group over the past years.

Year / Description 31 March 2016 31 March 2017 31 March 2018
1. Total wealth generated Rupee. 3590.04 crore Rupee. 3684.10 crore Rupee. 3474.16 crore
2. Total Revenue Generated Rupee. 1407.10 crore Rupee. 1405.88 crore Rupee. 897 crore
3. PAT (Profit After Tax) Rupee. 102.84 Rupee. 107.71 crore Rupee. 3.40 crore

Bajaj Energy which is thus located in UP. SEBI has already submitted the DRHP or draft red herring prospectus to the group. This was already done by April 9, 2021. Now once SEBI has cleared the way for Bajaj’s DRHP. Then it will be eligible for the next phase of Bajaj Energy IPO 2021. Though at present we do not have any active information regarding its IPO issuance in the stock exchanges. However, we can expect it next month. Till then we should wait till Bajaj officials confirm Bajaj Energy IPO Date 2021. Ltd. IPO GMP

  • To prepay or repay Bajaj Energy Group outstanding borrowings on a consolidated basis.
  • Thus with the IPO fund will be used to buy around 7 crore equity shares of Lalitpur Power Generation Limited. From Bajaj Hindustan Sugar & Power Ventures Rs. 4972 crore
  • Finally to meet its corporate objectives in the coming financial years.

Bajaj Energy IPO GMP

  • Reliable fuel source of the country.
  • Bajaj Energy also has a long track of successfully running and funding its thermal power plants.
  • Largest electricity supplier of UP state.
  • Great team of skilled managers with long term vision of company expansion in recent years.
  • Strong hold and thus presence in the Indian markets.

Bajaj Energy Limited IPO Gray Market Premium GMP

name of the company Bajaj Energy Group Limited
bajaj ipo opening date TBA soon.
Bajaj IPO Expiry Date TBA soon.
Bajaj Energy Limited to be listed 1. BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).
2. NSE (National Stock X.)
Face Value of Bajaj Energy Per Share Rupee. 10.
Bajaj Energy Issue Size 5450 crores.
fresh issue of 5150 crores.
bajaj energy limited offer for sale 300 million.
Bajaj Energy Limited Site
Buyer Type percentage offer allotment base
a. qualified buyer 50% equivalent
b. non-qualified/institutional buyer 15% equivalent.
c retail buyer 35% It is thus based on availability to each shareholder.

Baja Energy Limited IPO 2021 Date & GMP FAQs:

Current gray market premium of Bajaj Energy Limited 2021?

The GMP of Bajaj Energy Limited 2021 is at Rs. Zero (to 0).

When will the IPO date of Bajaj Energy 2021 take place?

To be announced soon. Let’s wait when Bajaj Group reveals the same.

What is Bajaj Energy IPO GMP?

We will disclose Bajaj Energy GMP once the IPO of Bajaj Energy Limited comes out.

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