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How To Be A Good Mathematics Teacher


Do you want to be a good mathematics teacher? This article will help you achieve that. Here, i will be discussing everything you need to be the best mathematics teacher in your school. This article contains tentative characteristics and tips every good mathematics teacher must exhibit to be the best in his/her profession (teaching).


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Mathematics is one of the most difficult subjects in every level of education. Research has shown that about 10% of students who hate going to school, hate it because of mathematics. It is apparently the most perplexing subject you can ever think of.

Schools all over the world knows about this, and that is why they always employ good mathematics teachers, who will be able to teach their students properly. Well in today’s article, i will be showing you how to be a good mathematics teacher. This will help everyone whose intent is to be a good mathematics teacher someday.

How To Be A Good Mathematics Teacher Ever

The following guides will help you to be a good mathematics teacher:

  1. Have good knowledge of mathematics.
  2. Make understanding your main goal as a teacher.
  3. Don’t be too strict.
  4. Make mathematics practical.
  5. Encourage your students.
  6. Understand your students.

Yeah! There you have all my guides on how to be a good mathematics teacher. Nonetheless, i will explain each of the points highlighted above in the next section of this article, to help you understand in dept what all those points are about.

Have good knowledge of mathematics:

Israelmore Ayivor said that “A knowledgeable citizen is a powerful citizen because knowledge is power!”. In this same way, a knowledgeable teacher is powerful teacher because you can’t teach without knowing. To be a good mathematics teacher, you must have good knowledge of what you teach.

It is your high level of knowledge in mathematics, that will give you the courage to speak boldly in front of your students. It will also earn you so much respect from the masses because, they can see for themselves, that you can defend what you teach in school. This is the first and most important tip to be a good mathematics teacher.

Make understanding your main goal as a teacher:

One of the most common problems among teachers these days, is that they care so much about the money they will earn after teaching, and not whether the student they are teaching is gaining knowledge. If you want to be a good English teacher, you must learn to make your student understand what ever you teach. It will make them love you the more.

The truth is that mathematics is perplexing. It only take a skilled teacher to make students understand it. But believe me. If you can work on making your students understand mathematics properly, you definitely be the best mathematics teacher in school.

Don’t be too strict:

I have found out that 76% of all the mathematic teachers in the world are very strict. Yes! That is true because even mine is strict. But wait. That is not a good characteristics of a mathematics teacher.

Generally, teachers are to make sure that they are not fared by their students in school because, they (teachers) are deemed to be the parents of their student in school. If you are too strict, your students will hate you. They will find it very difficult to learn in classroom because, they are afraid of you even when you teach. This is also a very important point to be a good mathematics teacher.

Make mathematics practical:

For mathematics to be understood easily, teachers must learn to use the simplest terms to teach their students. Coupled with that, teachers must also learn to make mathematics practical because, it helps to also make students understand easily.

I personally notice that while it is more easier to learn practically, it is a little difficult for students to learn theoretically. If you want to be a good teacher, you must make sure your students understands. And if want your students to understand easily, you should try to make things feasible. That way, you will be the best mathematics teacher ever.

Encourage your students:

Only few teachers today know about this point. At some point in learning mathematics, students are deterred from studying mathematics because of how difficult the subject is. Nevertheless, it is the duty of every good mathematics teacher to encourage his/her students when they are discouraged.

Encouragement tend to boost the enthusiasm of every student. It makes them feel like they can smash any topic in Mathematics. Believe me, if you can encourage your students when teaching them, they will learn faster and love you more.

Know and understand your students:

Understanding is very key to become a good mathematics teacher. If you know and understand your students, you will be able to dictate where the faults of your students are.

This will help to tackle the faults of your students, and improve their mathematics skill. Students always love teachers that understands them and teach them to understand. If you really want to be a good mathematics teacher, try to understand and know everything about your students.

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Wrapping Up

Being a good mathematics teacher is truly not easy. You have to put so much effort to stand out of every other teacher in school, and to make yourself the best in your profession. Nevertheless, i ardently believe that if you make the tips highlighted in this article pragmatic, it will go a long way to help you achieve your dream, which is undoubtedly, to be a good mathematics teacher.


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