Bharat BH Series Vehicle Registration 2021: Fee, Apply Online Process


Bharat BH Series Vehicle Registration 2021 As released by BH Series Check BH Series Registration Fee 2021, Bharat Series Apply Online Process. For ease of transfer of vehicles on posting or movement from State to State. BH Bharat Series Rules, Eligibility for Registration under BH Series and BH Series Registration Fees. We have also given details on online application process and BH Series Number Plate Format for further action. This series has been started under the Ministry of Roads to make it easier for Defense personnel and others to move their vehicles without any hesitation.

Bharat BH Series Vehicle Registration 2021

Bharat BH Series Vehicle Registration 2021

The Bharat BH Series has been launched by the Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways (MoRTH) yesterday, with an aim to provide ease to those who have to travel frequently from one state to another. This scheme is going to provide benefits to paramilitary and defense persons as they have to visit again and again after their tenure. This facility is available for private companies having offices in four or more states, Central Government employees and State Government employees. Below we have information on Bharat Series Vehicle Registration Process, BH Series Number Plate and Rules of Registration. In India (BH) Series Vehicle Registration 2021, it will be easy as now you will need to re-register your car in another state. It’s kind of a relief when you move from state to state over and over again.

BH Series Number Plate 2021

BH Series Number Plate 2021 has been introduced by MORTH to tackle the growing issues of universal registration for frequent movers. So it’s kind of cool new as the new BH marked series number plate has been launched which allows you to register with “BH” marked number plate. Vehicles marked with BH Series Number Plate 2021 need not change their registration after moving to another state. This entire process is being monitored through web technology. This number plate is treated like the earlier high security plates but the only difference will be the registration marks which will be BH instead of state code like DL, KL, MH etc.

India (BH) Series Registration Eligibility 2021

started by MoRTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Home Affairs)
Purpose Avail the facility for frequent commuters between states on account of work
registration mark initials BH (India Series)
Bharat BH Series Registration Eligibility Central/State Government employees and private companies having offices in 4 or more States/UTs.
launched on 28 August 2021
official website

BH Series Registration Fee 2021

In the below points you can check Bharat BH Series Registration Fee 2021 and other aspects of BH Series which keep shifting frequently to other states for those released yesterday.

  • The registration fee can be paid for two years or multiples of 2 such as 4 years, 6 years road tax etc.
  • Bharat BH Series vehicle registration fee depends on the cost of the vehicle.
  • A unique BH series number plate is being distributed to newly registered cars or other vehicles.
  • This is also similar to the high security number plate which is already in the market.

How to apply online for BH Bharat Series Vehicle Registration 2021?

Follow the steps given below to apply for BH Bharat Series Vehicle Registration 2021. You can follow these steps through your local RTO office.

  • The first step for registration is to obtain NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the RTO of your state.
  • Now apply for new registration of Bharat BH Series by paying 2 years RTO fee of your vehicle under Central Govt.
  • Apply for a refund for the previous road tax fee that you paid in the state earlier. Registration for new vehicles can be done directly on the BH Bharat Series number plate.
  • You will receive your Bharat Series BH Number Plate after 15 days of applying.
  • This is the process for Bharat BH Series Vehicle Registration 2021

Bharat BH Series Vehicle Registration Format 2021

The vehicle registration format of Bharat BH Series 2021 is discussed below.

  • Format YY-BH-****-XX . Is
  • YY denotes the year of first registration.
  • As per BH Series rules, BH denotes Bharat Series number plate.
  • **** are 4 digit numbers ranging from 0000-9999.
  • XX are letters from AA to ZZ, the series will start from AA and end up to ZZ by allotting random numbers from the above range.

Benefits of Bharat BH Series Vehicle Registration 2021

The perks of BH Series Vehicle Registration 2021 are as follows.

  • Mobility is easy as you do not need to re-register your vehicle when you move to a new state.
  • Central Government employees/Defence personnel/Army and employees of other private companies can avail benefits under New Bharat BH Series 2021.
  • Defense personnel will have to leave after the completion of their tenure, this can take a sigh of relief.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bharat BH Series Registration Process

What is the eligibility for Bharat BH Series Vehicle Registration Rules 2021?

All Defense/Paramilitary/Central Government/State Government employees and companies who are currently working in at least four states can avail BH Bharat Series Registration 2021.

What is the fee for BH Series Number Plate Registration 2021?

The charges for the new vehicle are fixed at the RTO cost of 2 years as per the ex-showroom value of the vehicle.

When is this Bharat BH Series launched by the Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways?

Bharat BH Series is released by MORTH on 28th August 2021 and the plan is totally made on the demands of many Indians.

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