Black Fungus – Fungal Infection Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Precautions


Black fungus – fungal infection symptoms, causes, treatment, precautions, spread mechanism and other details are discussed here. In common language, what we know as Black Fungus or Black Fungus is considered quite dangerous. Patients coming with its infection have also been found in patients recovering from corona, infected with corona and patients going home from corona.

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According to doctors, this infection is considered very dangerous. It is believed that if this black fungus infects the eye, surgical removal of the eye is the only solution. Black fungus, also known as mucormycosis, can infect you when you enter the hospital or several days after you are discharged from the hospital due to corona.

Dr. Dhananjay Bhat, Senior Consultant, Neurosurgery, Astor RV Hospital told in an interview to news channel that the virus attacks like a common opportunistic enemy. If you do not adopt preventive measures, it becomes a little difficult to protect you from this infection.

He further explained that the virus is also known as Rhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis (ROCM). At this time, patients suffering from corona need to be very careful with this infection. He has told from his experience that soon he will find a medicine for this infection.

black fungus infection

At this time the country is already battling the corona epidemic, in such a situation, these new black fungal infections have posed a new problem in front of the health institutions of the country. So far, 50 percent of the patients who have come under the grip of this infection have died.

It has been reported by about 9000 black fungus patients in India so far. According to doctors, this figure may increase further. The government had long ago ordered all medical institutions to find ways to prevent it. The search for drugs has been started to stop this black fungal infection.

What is Black Fungal Infection

According to doctors, it is a fungus called mucormycosis which is also known as black fungus. So far, the number of patients suffering from this infection in India has reached about 9000. Necessary steps are being taken by the government for its prevention.

Based on the recent new cases, it is being told that most of the patients suffering from black fungus infection are going to be cured of corona infection. About 50 percent of these patients have died and some patients have been saved by having their eyes removed. You may have to suffer a lot if you come in contact with this infection in normal language.

By the way, this virus is present everywhere. This fungal infection is commonly found in soil, trees, plants, animals, decaying organic matter. This virus helps in the growth of plants by making compost from the rotting leaves of rotting trees, together with the bacteria. Elements found in the soil for growing common vegetables such as yeast, mold, mushroom etc. are formed by the fungus of the same name. mucormycosis,

Its approximately 144,000 species play an important role in our daily activities. Only some of these are harmful to humans, the rest of the species do not cause any harm to humans. Only species named Candida, Aspergillus, Cryptococcus, Histoplasma, Pneumocystis and Mucormycetes are harmful to humans. Black fungus infection is also one of them.

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Cause of Black Fungal Infection

If seen in the current situation, this infection is found more in patients suffering from corona or who have been cured. Generally speaking, there are many reasons for this black fungus infection. According to some doctors it is also called opportunistic infection.

The main reason for its entering the body is also the weakening of the immunity of your body. This infection mostly targets humans who have weak immunity. People with a weakened immune system are at a higher risk of getting infected with this fungus.

This black fungus infection has been reported to be dangerous for most diabetics. Patients taking high iron or deferoxamine can also become infected with this disease. Steroid medication weakens the human immune system by lowering blood sugar, which ranks high among the causes of black fungus. Its effect is being seen more in patients suffering from Covid 19.

In these patients, the power to fight diseases is reduced due to corona, which opens the way for viruses called mucormycetes to enter your body. As soon as this black fungus enters the body, it targets the blood vessels, which starts the process of tissue necrosis. This infection is also usually present in the air, which can enter your body through the air. We recommend that you wear a mask regularly.

How is black fungus infection spread?

If your body’s immunity is low, then black fungus infection develops on its own in your body. By filamentous processes, these infections digest the tissues and release destructive juices, which rapidly spread the infection in the body. This black fungal infection has the power to destroy the bones in the nasal cavity and sinuses. Due to this, 50 percent of the infected patients have died and some have had to remove their eyes.

Black marks can be seen in the nasal cavity and oral cavity in patients suffering from these infections. If this infection goes into the eyes, then it starts going into the eye socket. You may also notice swelling, pain, congestion and blindness in the eyes after entering the eye socket.

After the black fungal infection enters the cranial cavity, it begins to obstruct the arterial and venous lakes. According to the doctor, this causes brain stroke and bleeding, due to which the functioning of the brain starts to get blocked. In some cases, it has been observed that the black fungus infection spread enters the alveoli and bronchioles of the lungs through inhalation. After entering the lungs, the fungus begins to destroy the tissue present there, causing great damage to the blood oxygenation system.

Symptoms of Black Fungal Infection

The information given to you as to the symptoms of black fungus infection can be very helpful. We are giving this information to you on the basis of information available on the Internet. This infection is also called opportunistic because it cannot enter by entering your normal immune system. You have to wait for your body’s immune system to weaken before it enters the body.

Given below are the common symptoms that you should seek medical advice immediately.

  1. patient sinus headache
  2. stuffy nose
  3. facial pain
  4. darkening of the nose or palate
  5. bloody discharge from nose
  6. Eye pain, swelling, loss of vision
  7. double vision
  8. Headache
  9. Tooth ache

If you see the above black fungus symptoms, you need to consult a doctor immediately. The above symptoms may also be normal, so you do not need to worry much. If you were infected with corona in the past, then you should talk to the doctor if you see the above symptoms.

black fungal infection treatment

This fungal infection can be diagnosed after clinical and radiological diagnosis. If the infection has spread to the brain, intracranial decompression becomes necessary to stop it. If the infection has spread to the nasal cavity, he or she will need to isolate the infected shell from the body. Eye infections can only be prevented with surgery. Once the infection is confirmed, it can be prevented from spreading through surgery. Some medicines are being prescribed for the treatment of ROCM. How effective these drugs are is being investigated.

Antifungal drugs are also being used in black fungus treatment. The use of injectable liposomal amphotericin-B in these drugs has been reported. Amphotericin deoxycholate is an older form of this drug which is now considered largely nephrotoxic. In comparison, injected liposomal amphotericin-B is considered quite safe and effective. If you are unable to get an injection, posaconazole tablets are available in its suspension and intravenous market and can be used in lieu of amphotericin-B.

Depending on the symptoms observed, the patient is administered a single dose of oral posaconazole sustained-release tablets for several months. As an alternative, doctors are also using the drug Isavuconazole. These drugs are discontinued as per the patient’s health after clinical and radiological examination of the disease. Steroids, antibiotics and other antifungal drugs are used by the doctor as per the symptoms of the patient at the time of treatment.

Is black fungus infection dangerous?

The answer to the question whether black fungus infection is contagious is still being sought. Hope the answer will be released soon. Is Black Fungus Dangerous If Kovid? The answer to this question is yes, infection of black fungus is considered more dangerous than corona or covid 19. When you get corona, you are only at risk of lungs whereas black fungal infection threatens all the main organs of your body like eyes. Nose, ear, throat, lungs, brain etc. But we advise you that you do not need to panic with this infusion as you can avoid this infusion by taking some general precautions. These precautions are being described in the following article.

Black fungus is mainly more dangerous for diabetic patients. If not treated on time, the patient suffering from this infection also dies. According to the data of the states, the death rate due to this infection is between 25 to 90 percent. Surgery is preferred after infection. If this is not done in time, its consequences can be fatal.

Black Fungus Precautions

The treatment of any disease is good, but care should be taken with this disease, but our attention goes to this thing only when we fall in the grip of the disease. You can protect yourself and your family from this dreaded disease by taking Black Fungal Infection Precautions. Below is some general information for the prevention of black fungus. Read this information carefully and follow these precautions in your daily life.

  1. Mouthwash, gargling with povidone-iodine can prevent the disease from spreading to the mouth.
  2. Do not use tap water in place of pure water in the humidifier when giving oxygen to the patient.
  3. Use steroids with strict blood sugar control only on the basis of a doctor’s consultation.
  4. Broad-spectrum antibiotics, antifungal drugs should not be used without a prescription or without a doctor’s advice.
  5. Diabetic patients have to undergo tests from time to time.

COVID-19 . After Black Fungus Precautions

  1. The patient should remain indoors as much as possible.
  2. Practice moderate exercise regularly.
  3. Get your sugar checked regularly.
  4. Keep the nose and mouth clean and tidy.
  5. Avoid exposure to dust and moisture and wear regular N-95 masks.
  6. Do not go to the construction area.
  7. Keep some distance from the soil and plants.
  8. Wear a mask, rubber gloves and shoes if you have any work involving trees or soil.

For other information about Black Fungus, you can write your query in the below comment box. We suggest that you stay at home till corona and black fungus is eradicated from the country. Take special care of cleanliness. Avoid going to public places and use N-95 mask. Visit our home page to learn about black fungal disease information and prevention.

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