Cards for Chests: Free Spins and Joker Cards


Coin MasterCard for T Me Chest. What’s better than getting your special chests for free? This means free spins, free XP, free pet food and free cards. And as a most amazing bonus: you have a chance to get your next Joker card. But how are these amazing rewards free? Since you only have to trade your duplicate cards, this will not cost you anything. In this post I tell you everything you need to know about when and how to trade your duplicate cards for amazing new rewards.

Trade Duplicate Cards for Chests

All duplicate cards you receive from chests are saved for you. You view them as the number of additional cards in your card collection. Of course you can trade these cards with friends. But a better way to spend them is to trade them. The value of each of your duplicate cards is in stars. The more stars you have in your card, the more stars you can use to buy chests. Each chest has a different value in the stars you need to pay. If you cross the threshold you can buy a new chest.

Cards from different types of chests

You can trade your cards for three different types of chests. The least expensive chest is the Emerald Chest. This chest will cost you 75 stars. The second chest is Neelam’s chest. This chest costs you 750 stars. The best chest you can buy is the Ruby Chest. But this chest costs you 3000 stars. In the table below you find the rewards per chest. The numbers may change slightly due to the village in which you are the coin master.

1 pet snack

1 chest out of 50

Emerald Chestsapphire chestruby chest
leaves4 cards6 cards8 cards
spin10-100 spins50-500 spins100-1K Spins
pet snacks
XP300-3K XP1.5K-15K XP6K-60K XP
joker card
Cost75 stars750 stars3000 stars

time between trades

After you’ve traded the card for chests, you’ll need to wait a certain period of time to trade again. For emerald chest this duration is 24 hours, for sapphire chest it is 3 days and for ruby ​​chest it is also 7 days. You can skip this period by paying with coins. Of course the Emerald Chest is the cheapest with only 200 million coins. A sapphire chest will cost you 500 million coins and a ruby ​​chest will cost you 800 million. After paying this you can trade your card again.

When do you trade your cards for chests

It’s tempting to trade your cards for chests when you have enough spare cards to trade. But this isn’t always true. Because you can play in different levels you don’t want to trade if your spin stock is already high. Trading cards will make your mission even more difficult. Also, if you’ve used more spins on a mission than you planned (or even when you’ve used them all ;-).

Have you traded your duplicate cards?

Did you convert your duplicate cards to cards for chests? Did the awards make you happy? Please tell me your experiences in the comments. If you need free spins Check Out Our Daily Free Spins Link.


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