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Check Zomato IPO share allotment status online at Check Zomato share listing date on BSE and NSE. Check IPO Share Allotment Status Online.

From today 22nd July 2021 you can check Zomato IPO allotment status from below on and

This 14th July 2021 Food giant Zomato is opening IPO in the Indian market. While its price band per share is Rs. 72 to 76 Rs. Now the food providing platform Zomato is aiming to raise around Rs. 9375 crore through Initial Public Offering/IPO. Apart from this, it has around Rs. The sale price of . 375 Crores This is from the current investor of Zomato which is also the parent company of That’s why it’s info edge. Now let us learn more about the Zomato IPO here.

Starting in 2010, Zomato has now become the leading online food delivery platform in India and around 30 countries. Now everywhere with the advancement of technology and network connectivity. Thus it proved beneficial for online food processing companies to sell their items. Thus there is no need to go out to restaurants or bars anymore. Also, in recent times, people could order online when they were unable to go to the preferred hotels. Even these food apps proved to be helpful in distributing packaged food to the people fighting the deadly corona. So we must sincerely appreciate their efforts.

Zomato IPO Allotment Status

With its tagline as you can see above, Zomato is running successfully not only in India but also across the world. Thus we must appreciate Zomato’s largest base across the globe. Some of you might know its original name as Foodibe when it came in 2008. Later, on December, 2010 what we know so far is “Zomato”. Thus it maintains its service of multi cuisine menus across the world. Zomato thus paves the way for recipes available at your home in your region.

Even after some food trust breach with Zomato, but then again we know that everyone is liable to make mistakes. However it should return again soon and thus. In fact it has since put in a lot of effort to bring back that trust factor among its users. And thus it can be seen that it has acquired around 12 startups in total and that too globally. The latest was from this year. The first is its food providing platform which is Uber Eats in January 2021. The second is of June 2021 which is also an online grocery providing platform known as Grofers. Thus it clearly shows that Zomato is definitely making a splash in the Indian as well as overseas markets.

NSE BSE Share Allotment Status

name of the companyzomato
type of industryOnline food providing firm.
started in2008
started byPankaj Chadda
Deepinder Goyal
Zomato. headquarter ofGurugram, India
zomato allotment status on BSEClick here to check
Zomato IPO Allotment Status on here to check IPO Share Allotment Status

Being the first food providing platform/firm and now also the first privately owned startup, which eventually got listed in the stock market. Zomato is thus seriously leading the way. Furthermore, it is thus estimated that this Zomato IPO will now increase the value of Zomato in the market to $9 billion.

If you see, there has been a record growth in the previous market of food providing giant Zomato. So obviously the company is getting good response there. Let’s show you:-

Also, as we read this graph, market reaction has increased by approximately 13% as we see here from 2018 to 2020. It is huge as we can clearly see. But then in 2020 we saw the pandemic followed by the lockdown. So, there must definitely be a drop in order numbers. And this is evident in the graph above.

Check IPO Share Allotment Status Online

No matter the mega after the impact of covid, the market shares were assured of a fall. . But then our true fall is not everywhere. Talking about Zomato, for example, as soon as the lockdown is lifted, it has again raised its fever on the customers. Let’s see it here:

Zomato IPO is creating a tremendous stir in the stock market. Why?

If you look and notice the current status of Zomato IPO then you will know that it is actually becoming one of the IPOs with a capitalization of 60K Cr. Yes, and if you compare it with other stocks of major food chains in India. Then you will see like this that Zomato’s IPO is growing very fast.

It thus clearly shows how Zomato alone is driving the market. Although if you would compare the foods that startups provide around the world, we definitely need to do more in this area right now. IPO Share Listing Date

Face Value (FV) of Zomato1 rupee
Zomato IPO Band Price72 to Rs. 76 share wise.
Listed on IPOBombay Stock Exchange
National Stock Exchange of India.
minimum share195 number
Zomato IPO date14-07-2021
Zomato IPO Listing Date27-07-2021
sale offerRupee. 3750 million
zomato ipo sizeRupee. 93750 million

This IPO will surely bring Zomato to around Rs. Giving evaluation. 64000 crores Thus if you pay attention, now Zomato has made its place in the market after SBI cards and services.

Frequently Asked Questions on Zomato IPO Share Allotment Status

How to Check Zomato IPO Share Allotment Status Online?

You will have to receive the email regarding Zomato share allotment on your registered email id.

When will Zomato share be listed on NSE and BSE?

According to sources 27 July 2021.

When will the share allotment status be clear?

Probably on 20th July 2021.

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