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20 Best christmas tree drawing

20 Best christmas tree drawing

 christmas tree drawing


10 Best christmas tree drawing

How to Draw a christmas tree drawing

Making a cartoon Christmas tree is a snap. And not only is it simple, but in terms of how it is drawn, it is very similar to planting an actual Christmas tree. christmas tree drawing

When you plant a real tree, you definitely start with the tree itself. Then, after the lights, after the decorations. The last and often most important step is to place something at the top of the tree… usually a star or an angel.

Creating a cartoon Christmas tree is no different. Start with the cartoon tree, and then draw the rest in roughly the same order.

As you progress through this lesson, remember that there are many different types of decorations you can make on a Christmas tree. I’ll make a few suggestions along the way, but if you want, feel free to tweak them to your liking.

All set to get started? Well… let’s ‘put down’ that tree!

Step One -Planting a christmas tree drawing

What shape do you first think of when you think of a ‘Christmas tree’? in one area? A section? How about a triangle? Undoubted!

So, before you do anything else, draw a nice big triangle on the page in front of you. Be sure to make it nice and long too, but make sure you leave some space at the top and bottom of the page.

At the end of the lesson, you will need this space to build something on top. The space below is reserved for a trunk or tree stand.


christmas tree making
The next step – similar to some of the other lessons here on the site, is to draw the shape of your cartoon Christmas tree using the triangle as your guide.

Start at the very top and work your way down, making spikes like I did in the example. The triangle helps keep everything in place as you draw.

When one side is complete, go back to the top of the tree and do the same with the other. Then, end it with a pretty big ‘swoon’ at the bottom.


cartoon christmas tree trunk drawing
The next step is to get rid of the triangle under your Christmas tree. Go ahead and erase the triangle before continuing.

There’s only one more thing to do in the context of the actual tree, that’s something on the bottom – stumps, tree stands, etc. I went with stump because it’s nice and simple. If you plan on placing a lot of gifts under this, you may want to leave this field blank for now.

Well, now you all have finished the main part of your Christmas tree. so what’s next?

What about decorating something! Just like in real life, putting up decorations on a Christmas tree is like putting up real people. And just like with a real tree, let’s go ahead and start with the lights…


Step Two – Christmas Tree Lights


Adding Lights to a Cartoon Christmas Tree

Christmas tree lights always help to give that extra “Christmas” look. Better yet, it’s really easy to draw them!

Basically what you want to do is do something like what you see on the right. Click here for the Cartoon Christmas Lights lesson. And when you’re done, continue down to tie them to your tree.

I suggest four or five rows of lights – the shorter ones at the top… and the wider ones at the bottom. Remember, this is a cartoon drawing and so it’s a good idea to keep things simple.

Make sure you leave some room for further decorations to come. The more space you leave for dragging them, the less hassle it is because you don’t have to worry about erasing.

So, what is your cartoon Christmas tree looking like now? Much better with lights isn’t it!? Just wait until you’ve covered the entire tree with colorful decorations!

Okay, let’s move on to the next step in the lesson… Making some basic christmas tree drawing ornaments!


Step Three – christmas tree drawing Ornaments

Adding Ornaments to a Cartoon Christmas Tree

Every Christmas tree should have ornaments. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors – but the most common are shell-shaped.

See Christmas tree ornaments drawing lessons for a quick and easy how-to lesson, just as you did with the lights. Then, come back and we’ll continue.

Okay, now you know how to make simple Christmas tree ornaments. So, now go ahead and make them on and around your christmas tree drawing. Keep them outside for a nice overall look.

Oh – and make sure you get the hooks alternating… some to the left, some to the right.

Alright, your christmas tree drawing is looking great now. But, there is still some more work to be done. For example, why not ‘sweeten’ it up a bit with some delicious cartoon candy canes!…

Step 4 – Candy Canes


Candy canes are a must at Christmas time! They make for excellent decorations and taste great too.

Can you guess what I’m going to ask you to do now? Yes – you guessed it… Watch Candy Cane Lessons to learn how to make a simple candy can for your Christmas tree. Then, come back and continue.

And, once you’ve mastered drawing them, go ahead and ‘hang’ some candy canes on and around your tree. Similar to jewelry, make sure some of them face left, while others face right. Also draw them at angles for a more realistic look.

Wow, this Christmas tree looks really cool now, doesn’t it! The same happens with a real Christmas tree… the more lights, ornaments, etc. you put on it – the more spectacular it looks. But still, one thing is lacking… something that goes up!

illustration of a christmas tree drawing

Final Step – Final Touches!


christmas tree drawing

One last step and you are all finished. And lucky for you – it’s a picture… no need to take a ladder and go!

a ladder? Of course to the star! Well, of course you can even make an angel if you want. Or maybe something different. Either way – go ahead to finish the job and build something on top of your christmas tree drawing.

If you’d like, check out Cartoon Stars Drawing Lessons for a simple guide to drawing almost-perfect-looking cartoon stars.

Well, it’s time to wrap things up. But then – you can continue if you want. There are still other things to consider adding to your tree. Tinsel, popcorn, figurines, gifts… See what you can draw!

And then, when you’re finally ready – give some color to your christmas tree drawing, as I did at the beginning of the lesson. Make it bright, bold and extra Christmas!

Congratulations on the great work! I

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