Covaxin registration, efficacy, side effects, test results

Covaxin registration, efficacy, side effects, test results can be viewed from here. bring Covaxin Registration Process from this page. Today we will provide you complete information about Covaxin in our article, so read our article carefully till the end. We know that you all want to know about this vaccine, so today we will provide you complete information about its effectiveness, side effects, test results and how to do it. Register for this vaccine, Hope you all will read our article carefully and get your vaccination done as soon as possible.

covaccine vaccine

As you all know that the corona epidemic has spread all over the country, due to which many people are facing many problems and a large number of people are also dying. That is why the Government of India has issued vaccination, which reduces our chances of suffering from this disease. You can get your vaccination done by visiting your nearest Vaccine Center, for which you can register online and book your slot,

All the vaccines launched against Kovid-19 also have a brand Covaxin and corona can be avoided to a great extent with this vaccine. Also, we want to tell you that no such vaccine has come yet, which can completely avoid Kovid-19, but after getting the vaccine, you are saved from this epidemic to a great extent. This vaccine makes your body produce antibodies against the coronavirus, which reduces the chances of coronavirus.

Covaxin Efficacy

This vaccine is effective against the coronavirus to a large extent, the effect of which has also been revealed in the Kai Trail Test. Covaxin is 77.8% effective against covid-19 and 93.4% against other serious diseases. These tests were done by Bharat Biotechwhich has proved to be quite effective.

total 130 cases of covaxin were tried, 106 in the placebo group and 24 in the vaccine group. To get its full effect, you must take both the doses, only then your chances of coronavirus will be completely reduced. In addition to Covaxin, several vaccine brands have different efficacy.

Covaxin Side Effects

Like other vaccines, many side effects have been observed with this vaccine, which are of different types. In some cases, it has been seen that after getting this vaccine, you may also feel mild fever, pain at the injection site, swelling, headache and irritability. Serious side effects may include swelling of the face and throat, shortness of breath, increased heartbeat, rashes, and weakness. You may only have these side effects for a few days and you may not necessarily get side effects.

Covaxin Test Results

And the tests done for Phase-3 of this Kovid-19 have been reported and through this report, Covaxin has been described as the most effective against this vaccine. Phase-3 trials for Covaxin have been conducted in a total of 25 sites across India, in which 130 cases were tested and all cases were tested two weeks after the second dose.

In which 24 subjects were tested in the vaccine group and 106 subjects in the placebo dose. Covaxin has been licensed by Bharat Biotech for the highest efficacy against Covid-19, which was based on a qPCR test.

How to register for Covaxin online?

  1. First of all you have to click on the link of the official website.
  2. Then you have to enter your phone number on the home page, which is used.
  3. After filling, you have to either open Arogya Setu or UMANG App,
  4. After opening you have to click on the option of vaccination registration in the app.
  5. Then on the next page you have to fill all the information asked.
  6. After filling in the details, your Covaxin registration will be completed.
  7. You have to take out the hard copy of your registration slip.
  8. Through the slip, you can get your vaccination done by going to your nearest Kovid centers.

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