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Devyani IPO has been launched and is fully subscribed on its last day. Check Devyani IPO Allotment Status also known as Devyani International IPO Allotment Date It is 11th August 2021. here we are discussing Devyani IPO Share Price And its price band. Devyani International, the largest franchisee and operator of the largest quick serving restaurant, is finally launching its IPO. Thus the 3 main franchises include KFC, Pizza Hut and the latest Costa Coffee.

So for the same, now Devyani has also filed her DRHP for the same to SEBI. After SEBI approves the draft red herring prospectus, the IPO will be filed later. Now it is being estimated that Devyani’s IPO can bring 1400 crores. And 400 crores in total. Thus new equity shares will be issued with an offer for sale of 1000 crores.

So now we’ll see more about it Devyani IPO Allotment Status And its price band in below article. Thus you should follow it till the end and make your choice whether to invest in Devyani IPO or not.

Devyani IPO Allotment Status

Present as on 6th August 2021 Devyani IPO Membership Status 116.6 times.

Its very likely that after submitting your DRHP to SEBI. Thus the next step is the filing of IPO by Devyani International. And it is estimated by the first week of August, 2021. This is probably till August 6, 2021. Thus, there is good news for investors. As currently we have seen the great Zomato IPO surpassing Honda’s IPO and thus going spectacularly high in the stock markets of all time. In such a situation, now there is definitely hope from Devyani Group. Let us see what Devyani IPO offers its investors this time around.

Let us tell you that Devyani International is a subsidiary of RJ (Ravi Jaipuria Company). Also the Yum brand which is the second largest quick service restaurant in the world. Has also invested in Devyani Inter. Thus Devyani Group. Is doing well in India with its large family of around 9500 employees and started its operations in 1997 with the Yum brand.

Due to which the first store is starting in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Currently if you look, Devyani International’s overall market includes the following: Number of stores in India as of 31st March 2021.

Devyani International IPO Allotment Status

Franchise Name Number of stores in India
1. Pizza Hut Store 297 numbers
2. KFC Stores 264 no.
3. Costa Coffee Store 44 no.

Devyani IPO Share Allotment Date

before Devyani IPO Allotment Date 2021 And if you are thinking of investing in this type of IPO. Thus it becomes Imp. To see its financial trends over the years. Thus it will be easier to predict its future performance and this will help us a little in taking our final decision. So now let’s look at it below:

years 2019 2020 2021
The total revenue generated by Devyani Intr. 13236.83 crore 15350.41 crore 11988.95 crore
The total expenditure of Devyani Inter. 13948.20 crore 16465.30 crore 13381.71 crore
Total Loss/Profit 348.54 crore (loss) 426.66 crore (loss) 183.37 crore (loss)

The losses in the last two years have been quite prominent due to the coronavirus which has badly affected the market. Especially restaurant chains and thus tourism. But as we see, the conditions are getting much better now, we will definitely see an increase in revenue this time.

Devyani IPO Allotment Date

  • If seen, in recent times people are giving preference to home delivery of food instead of checking in restaurants. Hence, we have Zomato doing very well in the Indian market, thus increasing its market coverage. Apart from this, Devyani International is now working with Zomato and Swiggy. So, it will definitely increase its share this year and the market coverage later.
  • Strong presence in key consumer markets. For example, in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore etc.
  • Great management team with good business experience.

Devyani IPO Membership Status

  • As we have no information about third wave of coronavirus. Although now the central and state government. Are very good at controlling potential hazards before hand. Still, we have to see what the new wave of corona virus will bring for us. So, if we again see a complete or partial lockdown in major cities, it could impact the company’s stock a lot. where there is a large consumer market.
  • Also it has franchises of the brands listed above. Thus its market is highly dependent on the global reputation of these brands.
  • The company’s image has been tarnished due to continuous losses for the last 3 years.

Devyani International IPO Allotment Date

Devyani IPO Opening Date August 04, 2021 (Most Likely)
Devyani IPO Closing Date August 06, 2021 (Probably)
Devyani IPO Size 1400 crore
Face Value (Value) of Equity Shares Rupee. 10/- per share
Devyani IPO Band Price TBA soon.
Devyani IPO GMP to update
on ipo listing 1. National Stock Exchange (NSE)
2. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
Devyani IPO Share Allotment Status available below
Devyani IPO Allotment Date 11 August 2021
Devyani IPO Size 1400 crore
latest issue 400 million
offer amount for sale 1000 crores
Devyani International Site
Devyani IPO Allotment Status available here
Devyani IPO Allotment Status available here

FAQs for Devyani IPO Share Allotment Status

What is Devyani IPO GMP Price?

This has not been disclosed by Devyani International yet. Although we can expect it in the next week.

When can we expect Devyani IPO listing date?

Right now we can say till 16 August 2021. According to the latest information. But there is still a lot to be done by the company in the first week of August 2021.

Listing of Devyani’s IPO?

BSE and NSE.

What is Devyani IPO Subscription Status?

116.6 times so far.

Devyani IPO Share Allotment Date?

11 August 2021

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