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Digitize India Online Application 2021 Link has now started Digital India Platform Registration Form 2021 is available now. app The link to download is available, Digitz India Platform Registration Form is also available.

CSCs or Common Service Centers are in line with the insights of our Prime Minister Digitizing India Back in 2015 or directly on Thus it first started with opening of Jan Dhan bank accounts for our rural people. And ever since demonetisation started, digital payment apps have taken a storm in India. Since then, along with money transactions, we have enjoyed many services online.

Now there was another old problem that now digitization has reduced considerably. And it’s “Paper Works / Files / Documents”. You can name it anything. So Digital India Platform Registration Form 2021 , is in line with reducing it completely and thus recording all documents online.

Digitize India 2021 Registration Form Online

This is also an Indian Govt. website at, so you can easily rely on them with services. Not only this, government / non-government also. Or even private organizations are using it for long time story of their employee records etc. Thus Digital India Platform (DIP) registration form also helps you to do the same with your IMP. And easy access to daily used documents. Thus keep reading the article and get all the information. Immediately. About the approach of DIP and the process of uploading the documents of your organization. And many more below.

Digital India Platform DIP Registration Form 2021:

With a vision to digitally empower Indians in 2015 to make India a great economy in no time. Thus the CSC was opened for the people to avail all the necessary digital services at one place. For example, keeping a document. Online, e-signature, career opportunities and much more.

Apart from this, DIP also allows the individual to earn while doing data entry operations here. As much as Rs. 15000/- which people are getting. But yes, we cannot say that this earning is completely reliable. As we have seen many cases of fraud with earning options. So, apply wisely, that’s what we can advise you here. But of course apart from this you can make full use of other services of CSC. Let’s see more below. DIP Registration 2021 Apply Online

Portal Name CSC, Common Service Center
started by Our Prime Minister in 2015.
scheme name Digitize India 2021
Service Digital India Platform (DIP)
Suitable all over India
purpose of service Digitization of paper records.
beneficiaries All Government/Non-Government/Private Organizations or Individuals.
And DIP Registration Benefits 2021:

  • create jobs: Now if you are a big organization. Then you can also create employment opportunities. Thus by hiring individuals to digitize paper documents. in DIP. After all many people are looking for part time jobs when coronavirus affected their regular jobs.
  • Prize: Now if you are working under Digital India Platform then for the work you are doing. In this way you will get paid. So in this way you can find more typing jobs on Digital India site.
  • Payment: Monthly income of Rs. Here those who do typing work in DIP will be given Rs 15000/-.
  • Companies will also be able to cut costs on their paperwork and thus have easier access to documents online.
  • Thus faster conversion of docs will save the company significant time. DIP Eligibility 2021:

Now that you are performing the Digital India Platform Registration Form 2021 as a job seeker. Then you must match the following criteria:

  • Only Indian citizens can apply here for part time jobs.
  • U must have an authorized ID proof, for example Aadhar card.
  • If you want to work here, you must have a laptop, desktop or tablet with proper net connectivity. Thus without it, you will not be able to complete the files on time.
  • Applicants must be aware of basic computer operations and thus data entry.
  • Mobile No. active while registering in DIP. Thus it will ensure that you have the task updates coming in on time.

DIP Registration Form 2021

Here is the complete list of actions you should take for Digital India Platform Registration Form 2021.

  • First of all reach the DIP at CSC center or directly at
  • By which on the homepage you will see the link of Digital India Platform Registration Form 2021.
  • Now provide your details there including mobile number. and account details.
  • Finally go to the career section of the profile. There you can choose the option. For “Job Opportunity”. If there is any job available at that time. Register for the same and once confirmed, you can start working as follows.

Digitize India 2021 Record Submission at

Now government as an organization. or private or personal. Thus now you can also submit your documents to digitize it in DIP. So, you can start by uploading the scanned copy of the same in the upload section there. However, if you haven’t scanned the pages, don’t worry. As CSC will do this for you but then charge for scanning of documents.

Finally the scanned copies will be digitized by the CSC later. Thus you will get the blueprint of the same for verification purpose.

Digital India Platform Registration Form 2021 Link:

Digitize India 2021 Registration FAQs:

I want to start typing work. Please let me know will there be any deduction for accuracy?

Yes, you must maintain at least 90% accuracy per page. And mistakes will be counted per page. Be sure to max. Accuracy to avoid deduction from final pay.

Can I check the status of my DIP 2021 application?

Yes you can. By checking the status of the application after logging into your account.

Do you have contact information? Why CSC?

Yes here it is 18001213468.

Is there any last date to register with CSC to enjoy DIP service?

There is no such end date. Thus you can register to avail online service at CSC at any time.

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