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now you can Download eRupee App here on this page. Know how to use ERP Vouchers Program for transactions, digital payments and COVID slot booking. Check e-rupee voucher Buy option is directly linked to your bank account. mainly here you can Download e-rupee app Here.

ERP Vouchers

eRupi Voucher is a form of digital payment that can be used to pay for services like health and you can use it to gift someone. It is a type of innovation developed by NPCI for the prime use of delivering government benefits to the citizens of India. You can use this scheme to take advantage of Ayushman Bharat Yojana and other government schemes. Below we have information about e-rupee voucher details, how to buy e-rupee vouchers and e-rupee app download usage.

eRupee voucher download eRupee app

eRupee App Download Voucher

launched by Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi
Purpose to benefit the individual and the specific purpose
date of release 2 August 2021
eRupee App Name e-rupee
Payment Type digital voucher transaction
official website TBA
profit Direct Transfer Person and Purpose Specific

e rupi app download

  • First of all go to your Google Play Store.
  • search Now erupi app.
  • click first erupi app shown there.
  • Now click on download button.
  • On completion of the download, start the eRupi app and start using it for eRupee vouchersUse the following steps to download the e-rupee app.

eRupee uses vouchers

Following are some of the uses of e-rupee vouchers-

  • It can be used to transact digital vouchers for any benefit of the government.
  • Also it can be gifted to someone who is in need of health services.
  • You can also track the usage of the voucher whether it is used for the same purpose or not.
  • It is developed on the UPI platform so that you can rely on it for future use and voucher transactions.

eRupi voucher redeem

  • e-rupee voucher redeem There is a way through which you can send or receive health benefits in the form of gift vouchers.
  • It is a unique interface through Made for Delivered person and purpose specific vouchers.
  • If you wish to gift one of the COVID Vaccine slots, you can send an e-rupee voucher and track its usage.

How to download eRupi app and use eRupee app?

  • open your playstore and Download e-rupee app.
  • Now start eRupee app and register yourself as a new user.
  • After logging in you will see many e-rupee voucher Which you can buy and gift to someone.
  • Select any voucher you want to use or gift and then click the Buy button.
  • Now you have successfully purchased E-Rupi Voucher.
  • You can avail directly from the service provider.
  • In this way you can take advantage of E-Rupi App and eRupee Vouchers.

Follow the steps given below to download and use the e-Rupee app.

Link to download eRupi App (Play Store)

FAQs about eRupi Vouchers and eRupee App Download

What is the main purpose of e-rupee voucher?

It is basically made to transfer person and purpose specific vouchers which can be traced against their purpose.

How to buy e-rupee voucher?

You can send it as SMS or QR code to anyone on the mobile number which can be shown and availed.

What are the uses of e-rupee voucher and e-rupee app?

You can use this e-rupee voucher to get benefits or transfer benefits to the beneficiary.

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