Exxaro Tiles IPO Allotment Status, Share Listing Price, Refund Date


With the listing of many IPOs in the stock markets these days. Hence, it becomes very important that we fully understand where and how to invest in it. Also, once a company gets listed on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) or NSE (National Stock Exchange). Then, people start buying their shares. And once the process is done, we find Exxaro Tiles IPO Allotment Status Similar. Exxaro Tiles IPO Gray Market Premium or GMP and refund date IPO.

Exxaro Tiles IPO Allotment Status
Exxaro Share Allocation

Now at present we have seen Exaro Tiles IPO in August 2021. So now we must check some details about it. So now I’ll cover the company’s performance. Exxaro Tiles IPO Allotment Status 2021, and finally how you can test it yourself. In addition, you can also put your thoughts Exxaro IPO Status 2021 Comment below and we’ll get back to it soon.

Exxaro Tiles IPO Allotment Status

Since its incorporation in 2008, Exxaro Tiles has been engaged in vitrified (glassy) tiles. Hence the company is active in manufacturing glazed tiles using ceramic material. And not only that, the company is also engaged in manufacturing around 1000+ tile designs and comes in 6 different designs. Shape. And apart from this, talking about the company’s state-of-the-art products, it includes Topaz, Galaxy and High Gloss series.

Not only this, the company also handles large projects in various institutions. For example in hotels, religious and educational institutions etc. Also the company has made a global mark by exporting to countries like US, UK, Poland etc.

Now let’s talk about the Exxaro Tiles IPO listing, which has thus been scheduled on August 17, 2021 i.e. Tuesday. and so now we’ll cover Exxaro Tiles IPO Allotment Status 2021 next. So, investors who are interested in this can check all the information given below. IPO GMP Today

name of the companyXxaro Tiles
IPO issue typebook issue
Exxaro IPO Opening Date04-08-2021 (Wednesday)
Exxaro IPO Closing Date06-08-2021 (Friday)
Face Value of Exxaro IPO per Equity ShareRupee. 10
ipo band priceRupee. 118- 120/-
Exxaro Tiles Market Lot125 shares.
Exxaro Tiles Allocation StatusLink updated below
Listed on IPOBSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)
NSE (National Stock Exchange.)
IPO issue sizeRupee. 161.09 crore
offer for saleRupee. 26.86 crore

Check Exxaro Tiles IPO Allotment Status

Let’s first take a look at the strengths of the company. Thus it will help in understanding its performance and thus whether it is worth investing or not. Hence, it will definitely add a point in your decision making.

  • Exxaro Tiles is engaged in exporting its finished goods to around 13+ countries.
  • The company has the largest manufacturing plant in the world in the field of Glazed Vitrified Tiles.
  • More than 1000+ designs of tiles in different sizes, thus making it an amazing choice in the market.
  • In addition, it has an extensive network of around 2000+ registered dealers across the markets.
  • Also, it has a strong presence in about 27 states of India. Isn’t it great!

Check Exxaro Tiles IPO Application Status

  • Firstly, the main objective is to meet the working capital needs of the company.
  • Secondly, is to make advance payment or payment for the debts or liabilities of the company.
  • Third, the company must also meet general corporate objectives to maintain profits in the market.

Financial Trends:

events31 March 201931 March 2020March 31, 2021
a. total assets3528.55 mn3870,55 mn3693.14 mn
B. Total Revenue2440.06 mn2439.64 mn2598.52 mn
c. profit after tax89.17 million112.58 million152.23 million IPO Allotment Status 2021:

Exxaro Tiles Ltd. The IPO is about to issue 13.42 million shares of the company. The latest issue is about 11.19 million shares. However, Exxaro Tiles is expecting to raise around Rs. 161.09 crore from its current IPO bid 2021.

If you look at the progress of the company’s IPO last week, it was subscribed almost 22.6 times as of August 6, 2021. And finally Exxaro Tiles IPO Gray Market Premium was on Rs. 20.

category of investorDay 1 (Subscription)Day 2 (Subscription)
a retail investor11.27 times21.10 times
B. Qualified Institutional Investor0.95 bar1.65 times
c. non-institutional investors0.65 times0.93 bar
D. Investment staff0.74 times1.56 times
complete4.63 times1.56 times.

Exxaro Tiles IPO Share Allotment Status

category of investors% Age Allocationshares offered
A. Qualified Institutional Investors (QII)25%1,315,550 shares
B. Non-Institutional Investors (NIIs)35%4,604,425 shares
C Retail Investor (RI)40%5,262,200 shares
complete100%11,450,675 shares.

Exxaro IPO Membership Status

category of investorstotal membership
A QII5.54 times
b rii31.35 times
c. nii2.82 times
D. EI (Investment Employee)1.97 times
complete16.23 times

Check 2021 Exxaro Tiles IPO Allotment Status:

Now to check your Exxaro Tiles IPO Allotment Status 2021, you have to wait till 13th August 2021. Only then, you can access the Exxaro Tiles IPO allotment status of the company. And once the allotment is done for your portfolio the comparison of your shares will be credited to your account. Further, if your allotment is rejected, the refund of the amount, thus far, will be shared with your respective accounts. Finally you can check your demat account, if IPO Allotment done in your name.

Exxaro Tiles Allotment Status Link 2021:

Exxaro Tiles GMP Today20 rupees
Exxarob IPO Allotment Status on bseindia.comavailable here
Exxaro Tiles IPO Allotment Status at here

FAQ for Checking Exxaro Tiles IPO Application Status

Please share lot size of xaro tiles ipo 2021?

The lot size for Xaro Tiles is 125 shares.

How many lots can a retail investor apply for in Exaro Tiles IPO 2021?

With a market lot of 125 shares. Thus the individual retail investor has the advantage of applying up to 13 lots with a total amount thus equal to Rs. 195000/-. Or in terms of shares it is 1625 shares.

When will Exxaro Tiles IPO refund start?

In this way, the company’s refund will start from 12th August i.e. Thursday. As the Aadhaar allotment of the company will be finalized on August 11 (Wednesday).

In how many days will the Exxaro IPO Allotment Shares 2021 get listed?

Generally the listing of IPO allotment takes place in 6-7 days. And thus since the IPO was closed on 6th August 2021, so around 11th August 2021, we can thus expect Exxaro Tiles IPO allotment status. Now check your Exaro Tiles IPO Allotment Status at

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