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October 13, 2021: We checked for new anime tappers codes

roblox A wonderful place for all you anime fans out there. The platform spoils you for choice with hundreds of titles available, some of which feature tons of freebies. One such game is Anime Tappers. The experience has the potential to have lots of familiar characters and in-game pets. In addition, anime tappers also feature boss fights that will have you channeling your inner Goku, or One Punch Man, in no time.

Of course, saving the world isn’t cheap or easy, and that’s where our anime tappers code The guide arrives. We have compiled a list of active in-game codes that give you tons of rewards including currency, pets, skins and taps. So, make sure you check back regularly, and we’ll do our best to connect you with the good stuff.

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anime tappers code

Active Code:

  • swiftness – (new!)
  • agiritree – 200 coins and 45 yen
  • jujo – scary jujo belly
  • rasho – Rousseau Pet
  • Pumpkin – Pumpkin Cursor
  • Witch – Witch’s Hat Cursor
  • release – 1,000 taps
  • Saiyan – 250 yen
  • Evil spirit – ghost cursor
  • powerful – 900 taps
  • Fear – Gone Freaks Pet
  • Halloween – 250 coins and 25 yen
  • Titan – 500 taps and 25 yen
  • one piece – 350 coins and 15 yen
  • no fears – Adult Gone Pet
  • Controversy – Rock Lee Pet
  • Broom – broom cursor
  • TOADBOI — Toddboi Pet
  • sleepy – Gentoo Sleeping Pet

Expired code:

There are currently no expired Anime Tappers Codes.


What are anime tappers codes?

These codes are a free gift to you courtesy of Anime Tappers Developer UFO Developments. Leave the game that way if you want to get new codes frequently, as new codes are released when you hit various milestones.

How do I redeem my Anime Tappers Code?

Redeeming your codes is relatively simple. Just follow these easy steps and those free gifts are yours:

  • open roblox
  • launch anime tappers
  • Press the Twitter button on the left side of the screen
  • Enter your code in the box provided
  • press confirm
  • Enjoy your freebie!

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