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How To Be A Good English Teacher


How to be a good English teacher: English language is one of the most essential subjects in all levels of education. It is a very important subject thought in almost every schools in the world because, it is probably the only language accepted internationally. In light of this, it is also very important to have a good English teachers in schools, to ensure that students are thought English language properly.

Be a Good English teacher

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Being a good English teacher is not as easy as many people think. To be a good English teacher, you have to follow some tentative guides and tips that will help you achieve your goal. But that notwithstanding, this article was made to help you with those guides to be a better English teacher. So, if you have been searching for guides/tips that will help you become a good English teacher, i strongly advice you to read this article assiduously. These are everything you need to be a good English language teacher.

Speak English language frequently

This is very important if you want to be a good English teacher. It is illogical to say you are a good teacher, when you cannot speak what you teach. As an English teacher you must make English language your friend. Yes! That is one of the ways you can be a good English teacher.

More so, if you tend to speak English language fluently as an English teacher, both your students and your school management will respect you so much because, they can see that you are able to defend what you teach. Speaking English is probably the most essential tips to be a good English teacher.

Make English language fascinating

Another important tip that will help you be a good English teacher, is the way you teach. The truth is that, not every student likes English language, and the way you teach the subject, will decide whether or not, your students will understand the subject and love you more.

One of the ways you can make English language fascinating, is by using correct English intonation while teaching in the classroom. Try to make sure that your students understands you, and learn from your intonation. Try to make them love the subject with the way you speak while teaching in the classroom.

Make sure your students always understand

Understanding should be the core responsibility of every teacher. To be a good English teacher you must make sure that your students always understand whatever you teach in the classroom.

Research has shown that one of the reasons why students end up hating a particular subject is because, that subject is very difficult. So, if you must be a good English teacher, you must learn how to make your students understand whatever you teach them. I was once a student, and i can tell you that one of the teachers i hated so much, was my mathematics teacher. He never cared whether i understood what he was teaching in class. So, if you don’t want your students to hate you, please try to make sure that they understand. This is prerequisite to be a good English teacher.

Don’t be too strict

Many teachers always get it wrong at this juncture. Some teachers have this perception that they can only gain respect from their students by being strict. Well, that is a big lie. You can only make them fear you, by being strict. Nevertheless, i do not mean you should not be strict at all. You should be strict in some cases, so as to make sure that they will keep obeying and doing whatever to ask them to do.

On the other hand, when they do some things that are bad in school, you can simply caution them, than beating them severely. Total strictness is not a good behaviour of any good teacher.

Encourage your students using yourself as an example

One secret many teachers don’t know about is that, when students are motivated, they tend to work harder for success. They will have greater confidence if you use yourself as an example. For instance, if you are teaching any topic in the class room, and you can perceive that your students are not understanding, simply digress to something else, that will bring their minds back to the classroom (Eg Joke, practicals etc) .

If you can do this, i assure you that you will be a better English teacher soon. This is one of the secrets professional teachers and lecturers use. So, since you have known it today, i advice you start using it to be a good English teacher.

Wrapping up

Those are the guides you need to be a good English teacher. They will help you develop a mutual teacher and student relationship with all your students. They will also help you gain employment easily as an English teacher because, you have all it takes to be a good English teacher.


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