Symptoms of Green Fungus, Causes of Green Fungus, Treatment Precautions


It has been told that a patient who survived Kovid-19 has now been found infected. green fungus disease. It is believed to be the first green fungal infection reported in India. This is the latest transition while Blackhandjob Yellow, And white fungus There were reports of many patients in the past as well. This is also called aspergillosis infection and more remains to be reserved for this.

green fungus disease

It is an uncommon infection that affects the lungs of the patient. The 34-year-old man who recovered from Corona had regular problems like bleeding nose and high fever. Therefore, it was suspected that he takes black fungus disease. But, when the tests were done, it was found that the patient had a green fungal infection and this was the first case reported. green fungus in india.

Dr Dosi said that the green fungus is acting as an aggressor in probably the first case of this type of fungus in India. It has affected the patient’s sinuses, lungs and blood. This patient underwent 2 months long covid treatment and within 10-15 days after coming back home, he started bleeding nose and high fever. Then he came for the test and we found that he has green fungus.

green fungal infection

The first case of green fungus has been reported in Madhya Pradesh and the patient has been airlifted to 16th June 2021 for Mumbai. Doctors are looking deeply into the matter to see if there are more patients affected by this infection. Green fungus is also called aspergillosis in medical language. First of all the patient got treatment at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital, Indore.

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It is also told by Dr Dosi that the patient has actually turned weeks old and lost weight due to bleeding from the nose. The patient has now been sent to Mumbai for further treatment.

Symptoms of Green Fungus

There are not many cases of green fungus as it is a rare disease, but some concrete symptoms can be listed for this infection. These are the symptoms of green fungal infection:

  • severe nosebleeds
  • high fever
  • weakness
  • severe weight loss

green fungus causes

According to experts, patients who have a history of allergies can be easy targets for Green Fungal Disease. If the patient has pneumonia or fungal balls in the lungs, it can cause serious damage.

As we know this fungus is a type of aspergillosis. It is caused by the fungus Aspergillus which is a common mold. This mold commonly lives indoors and outdoors. It is known that most of us inhale it daily and still remain perfectly healthy. However, people with weakened immunity or lung disease are at higher risk of developing green fungus.

green fungus treatment

We don’t know of any proper treatment for green fungus yet so we won’t write about it yet. Doctors in Mumbai will first treat the Green Fungus patient and then they can reveal the details of the treatment. Till then you have to wait for the news.

If you have any symptoms of green fungus, please see a doctor as soon as possible. Be careful and do not hesitate to consult a doctor. Be safe

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