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How much does a village cost in Coinmaster?


coin master Coins are spent in building villages. You’ll need more coins for each new village you create in Coin Master. The cost of the first village is only 30 lakh coins. Another village will cost you a little over 5 million. You already need over 100 million coins to go up to 33 grams. This amount adds up to billions of coins if you belong to 75 villages. Then in the villages you have to pay a serious price for coins. To find out how many coins are needed to complete the construction of a village, you can use a simple calculation. It’s not exact, but will get you really close:

30 x The cost of the first star on the last line when creating a village

Update: Added Coin Master Village cost for 389 villages. Don’t be surprised The cost of the village is already over 20 trillion coins for village 389. i.e. So, start stacking coins already ;-).

How to Calculate the Cost of a Village in Coin Master

coin master gram cost

An example. Imagine you are at Village 192 – Basketball then the first star on the last line costs 2,786,680. Multiply that by 30 and you see that you need 83.6 billion coins to complete this village. You better start piling up your coins for this. If you need more free spins to come along make sure you add your own daily free spins, But it is only 192 villages. If you go further you need more coins. So try to master yourself at play events or raiding bigger than your friends. My tip for you: don’t be afraid. go for the bus big raid I

we did the math for you

Since math isn’t that easy for everyone, or you’re just lazy (like me) we’ve done the math for you. Below you find a list of all existing villages up to 387. For each village we have also calculated the total village cost for you. So don’t forget to check this list before you start building your village.

Build your villages during Village Master or Village Mania

Villages are expensive to build. So it is best to build your village during village event. There are currently 2 village programmes: Village Master and Village Mania. In Village Master you get free spins, coins and XP when you complete your village during the event. In Village Mania you get discounts on village items during the event. Make sure you use at least one of these events as this will cost your village less. Even better: use both events For maximum discounts and free rewards.

If you start making stuff in your village then you are likely to be attacked. of course you have shield to protect you from attacks, but these shields won’t last forever. You have 3 or 5 of them depending on the village you are in. If they’re gone, and you haven’t rhinoceros Activated, the goods of your village have been damaged. This means you will have to buy them again. After the first attack you have to pay half the price of the items, but after the second attack you have to pay the full price. If you build your village in one go you can’t get attacked and you keep the cost of your village low. Of course you need a lot of coins to do this, so read all about Large print technique.

The Answers to All Your Questions About Village Expenses

Can I get a discount on the price of Coin Master Village?

Normally you have to pay full price for your village. But if you buy items from your village during Village Mania, you get a discount. Village frenzy is of two types. First of all, there is one in which you get 20% off on all items. Second, there’s one that gets you 65% off items in the last line (the most expensive village item). If you combine the two, you can save up to 35% on the total gram value. Also, Satyug happens once in a year. This is the era of mega events in Coin Master. There is also usually a 20% discount on all Village items during this period.

Should I build a village at the time of village master?

You can build and build villages all the time, but the total cost of the village is lowest when you use Village Owner or Village Mania Event when you build and/or complete a village.

What chest is best to buy after completing the village

In each village you can get cards to complete your card set. So buying chests after completing a village is a great idea. The amount of coins you can spend on the village increases, but at the same time you’re able to complete your card set more easily. And of course you have the highest chance of getting everything rare card,

How many villages does Coin Master have?

At this time (January 2022) 389 . Huh villages In Coin Master. The latest confirmed village for Village 387 is worth over 20 trillion coins.

How much is my village worth in Coinmaster?

You can calculate the total gram cost by multiplying the cost of the first item on the last line by 30. Of course you can also use the list on this page.

Why are villages so expensive in Coin Master?

Once you exceed 100 villages it is quite difficult to build villages. Why? Because Coin Master expects you to spend real money on buying spins. If you play with the right strategy you can play and build villages for free,

What was the cost of your last village?

Which village did you finish last? Does the cost of the village match the number above? If not, please let me know and we’ll adjust the list. Good luck building the next village!

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