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International Cricket Club commonly known as ICC T20 World Cup 2021 First match starting from 17 October 2021, full ICC T20 WC Schedule 2021 is displayed below, you can scroll down to check it. 7th T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule Now out is out, as we all know that ICC Cricket WC 2021 is taking place in UAE and Oman, so the date wise schedule is updated below.

ICC T20 World Cup Schedule 2021, T20 WC match dates starting from 2021 ICC WC T20 World Cup, ICC Men WC T20 UAE and Venue for Oman. Check T20 2021 schedule out, men’s T20 WC date, timings here. ICC has finally announced the 2021 Men’s T20 WC venue, dates and . rolled out ICC T20 World Cup Match Schedule 2021. BCCI continues to host the T20 match. The United Arab Emirates and Oman will now organize the T20 World Cup 2021. match kick start It will run till 17 October 2021 and 14 November 2021.

ICC 2021 T20 World Cup Schedule

India was selected to host the ICC T20 WC 2021. However, the country is currently battling the pandemic. So here is the final decision regarding the venue selection for T20 match 2021, for everyone’s safety and security. Recently, the ICC has cleared the air over the final venue for the ICC T20 WC 2021. In this article we will cover ICC T20 Venues as follows, ICC T20 World Cup Schedule 2021 And the stadium for the upcoming match. Go through the same to know more.

ICC T20 World Cup Schedule 2021

The BCCI or the Board of Control for Cricket in India introduced the ICC T20 Men’s WC 2021. This year India was supposed to host WC 2021. But now it will happen in UAE and Oman. BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has approved this thing today. However, there has been no change in the host of the match as BCCI will continue to host the match for the time being.

ICC T20 WC 2021 Match Dates

T20 matches in UAE and Oman will be played in about 4 stadiums whose names are given here:-

  • The first is the Dubai International Stadium in the United Arab Emirates.
  • The second will be the stadium in Abu Dhabi – Sheikh Zayed Stadium.
  • Third is Sharjah Cricket Stadium, UAE.
  • And finally at the Oman Cricket Academy Ground.

So these are the 4 venues that will hold the 2021 Men’s T20 World Cup in UAE and Oman respectively.

ICC T20 World Cup match date and schedule 2021

Hosts of 2021 ICC T20 Men’s WC TournamentBoard of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)
Venue for 2021 ICC T20 Men’s WC TournamentUnited Arab Emirates
2021 ICC T20 Men’s starts at WC17 October 2021
2021 ICC T20 Men’s WC concludes 14 November 2021
Total matches in T20 WC 2021total 45 matches
ICC T20 World Cup Schedule 2021updated below
Latest T20 WC 2021 Update

ICC Men’s T20 Tournament Host and Venue 2021

The current ICC Executive CEO gave his confirmation on the final venue of the ICC T20 Championship 2021 in Oman and UAE. Furthermore, he announced that the first priority is the successful conduct of the tournament. However, while doing so, the health of the players also remains at the top. Therefore, the site will be selected based on the security of the area. Thus, keeping in mind the lowest number of cases in my current coronavirus affected country. Thus the United Arab Emirates and Oman were the best options.

Even India gave its nod to the selection of the venue. Although Sourav Ganguly clearly said that if India can organize WC 2021 then we will be happy. However, again keeping the safety of the players paramount, so we will do our best to work closely with the OCB (Oman Cricket Board) and UAE. .

icc t20 match schedule 2021

Finally the wait of cricket fans is over now. As we have the date and venue of the upcoming Men’s T20 2021 match. And this year, although we had doubts that the match would be postponed amid the pandemic. However we finally have good news. India will still host the match with the venues fixed in the UAE and Oman. Let us now introduce you to the latest upcoming ICC news for T20 World Cup match 2021.

The first round match will be played by the teams of Group A and Group B. Thus, it will happen before the Super 12 round of the T20 tournament. Later, moving towards the end of the tournament, we will have 2 semi final teams. Thus, it will be followed by the “Final of the Men’s T20 2021 WC” at the end.

However, with the start of the first round of the T20 match, we will start with 8 qualifying teams. Now these 8 teams will have their matches in different UAE and Oman grounds. After the matches, now 4 teams will qualify for the Super 12 round. In addition, he will again have to go through 8 automatic qualifiers for the team.

t20 world cup 2021 date and time

The ICC Men’s World Cup is to begin from October 17, 2021. All teams will go through to the play-offs before entering the semi-final and final matches in November. The final will be played on November 14, 2021 i.e. Sunday. However, the timing of the match according to the date has not been revealed yet. But don’t worry, BCCI and ICC will announce it soon. Thus it will appear on ICC’s site

ICC World Cup T20 2021 Team Wise Match Schedule Round 1

date of eventTeams participating in WC 2021match round
17-10-2021Ireland and Sri Lankaround 1.
18-10-2021Oman and Papua New Guinearound 1.
19-10-2021Namibia and Bangladeshround 1.
19-10-2021Scotland and Netherlandsround 1.
20-10-2021Oman and Irelandround 1.
20-10-21Papua New Guinea and Sri Lankaround 1.
21-10-21Scotland and Nambiaround 1.
21-10-21Netherlands and Bangladeshround 1.
22-10-21Ireland and Papua New Guinearound 1.
23-10-21Namibia and the Netherlandsround 1.
23-10-21Scotland and Bangladeshround 1.
24-10-21Pakistan and AustraliaSuper 12 Round.
24-10-21South Africa and IndiaSuper 12 Round.
25-10-21TBC and TBCSuper 12 Round.
25-10-21West Indies and New ZealandSuper 12 Round.
26-10-21TBC and AfghanistanSuper 12 Round.
26-10-21TBC and EnglandSuper 12 Round.
27-10-21New Zealand and TBCSuper 12 Round.
28-10-21TBC and AfghanistanSuper 12 Round.
28-10-21West Indies and AustraliaSuper 12 Round.
29-10-21TBC and PakistanSuper 12 Round.
29-10-21TBC and IndiaSuper 12 Round.
30-10-21South Africa and EnglandSuper 12 Round.
30-10-21TBC and West IndiesSuper 12 Round.
31-10-21New Zealand and PakistanSuper 12 Round.
31-10-21TBC and AustraliaSuper 12 Round.
1-11-21Afghanistan and South AfricaSuper 12 Round.
1-11-21England and IndiaSuper 12 Round.
2-11-21TBC and TBCSuper 12 Round.
2-11-21New Zealand and TBCSuper 12 Round.
3-11-21wai and pakistanSuper 12 Round.

ICC T20 WC 2021 Super 12 Team Wise Match Dates

date of eventTeams participating in WC 2021match round
4-11-21TBC and AustraliaSuper 12 Round.
4-11-21England and AfghanistanSuper 12 Round.
5-11-21TBC and South AfricaSuper 12 Round.
5-11-21TBC and IndiaSuper 12 Round.
6-11-21Pakistan and TBCSuper 12 Round.
6-11-21New Zealand (NZ) and AustraliaSuper 12 Round.
7-11-21TBC and EnglandSuper 12 Round.
7-11-21West Indies and TBCSuper 12 Round.
8-11-21TBC and South AfricaSuper 12 Round.
8-11-21Afghanistan and IndiaSuper 12 Round.

T20 ICC World Cup 2021 Semifinal and Final Teams

date of eventTeams participating in WC 2021Round (Semifinal and Final)
11-11-21TBC and TBCFirst semi-final.
12-11-21TBC and TBCSecond semi-final.
14-11-21TBC and TBCFinal T20 World Cup Match 2021.

Link for ICC T20 WC Schedule 2021 Match Table

FAQ for ICC Men’s T20 World Championship 2021 Match Table Team Schedule

Total No. Which teams will play in ICC T20 WC 2021?

There are a total of 16 participating teams.

How many rounds of matches will be there in T20 WC this year?

In total, 45 rounds of matches will be played.

What is the official site of ICC (International Cricket Council)?

This is

Men’s T20 Championship final match date?

14-11-2021 i.e. is on Sunday.

What is the ICC T20 World Cup Match Table 2021?

Here is the complete ICC World Cup 20 20 match table on this page.

Official website to check ICC T20 World Cup Schedule 2021? is the official web portal.

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