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Vivo IPL or IPL New Schedule 2021 It is running its 14th season since inception. IPL known as Indian Premier League is basically a T20 match. Since then, it has been running every year thus marking its 14th season in early 2021. However, now as the cases have reduced considerably, so cricket fans are thus waiting for them.r ipl 2021 match table very.

Now that we have 31 matches out of 60 left this time. so these remaining matches IPL 2021 new schedule Thus will happen in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). IPL 2021 new schedule is now updated below, Round 2 IPL T20 2021 is starting soon.

IPL 2021 Schedule

IPL 2021 new schedule

Breaking News : The UAE is the finalist of the IPL’s new schedule for 2021 for its remaining 31 matches, according to the BCCI. This is in view of the upcoming monsoon season in India from September to October, 2021. So now the matches will take place in the United Arab Emirates in the United Arab Emirates in September-October 2021, so you can scroll down to know. New IPL 2021 Match Dates.

So there is a very good news from BCCI for its IPL fans across the world. Thus all the cricket fans will now join back to back cricket tournaments to cheer up their teams. Starting with the remaining matches of the 14th season of IPL, then with the World Championship. So stay tuned with this article for complete details about the new IPL schedule 2021 IPL 2021 match table.

Now watch inside the new IPL schedule 2021.

Also, write your favorite team in the comments and let us know if not. IPL trophies won by him.

New IPL Schedule 2021 Round 2 in UAE

With the start of the new year, cricket fans got excited about organizing the VIVO IPL from 9th April to 30th May 2021. However, this enthusiasm remained low in view of the increasing cases. Then of course the matches were put on hold on May 4, 2021 for everyone’s safety. To the fans and most importantly to the players.

The Indian Cricket League is certainly the biggest cricket tournament of its kind that takes place annually in India. But this time according to the new IPL schedule 2021, more than half the matches will be in UAE. In IPL we have eight teams which play to win IPL 2021 season 14th title with a total of 56 matches. Last year the winners were Mumbai Indians (MI) who have also won the maximum. No. IPL trophies so far though it will be exciting to see if they get this season too or we have a new winner this time.

Only time will tell. But right now we have IPL 2021 happening in the UAE, and that is the most important thing for the fans right now.

IPL 2021 match table

  • IPL 2021 season 14 thus began on April 9, 2021, with a total of 60 matches to be played in this season.
  • The first match started with MI and RCB snatching the win later.
  • Keeping in mind the upcoming ICC tournament, thus the IPL was supposed to end on 30 May 2021.
  • But because of the steady increase in numbers. Of matters, all matches were eventually withdrawn until 3 May 2021. new IPL 2021 match date Comes.
  • Moreover, in the 2021 IPL season 14th, the foreign players limit was also increased from the existing 4 to 5.


Here we will talk about Venue and Team IPL 2021 match table Wise further in this article.

IPL T20 Match Venue 2021

Earlier, when matches were being held in India, a total of 6 stadiums were finalized for this. But now due to the new schedule of IPL 2021 we have new venues in UAE which includes 4 stadiums for successfully conducting 31 matches of 14h IPL season this time. Here is the list of stadiums in UAE:

  • First of all we have DIS i.e. Dubai International Stadt, UAE.
  • Second it is Sharjah Cricket Stadium. United Arab Emirates.
  • Next we have Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium, United Arab Emirates.
  • Finally the ICC Cricket Academy Ground, United Arab Emirates.

Out of the total 60 matches this time, 29 matches have already ended in India. But now 31 matches will be held in UAE this time. so let’s go IPL 2021 match date And thus the following teams for IPL 2021.

IPL Round 2 UAE 2021 Schedule (Full Match Table)

IPL 2021 match date match venue team names
19-Sep-2021 United Arab Emirates RCB-KKR
20-Sep-2021 United Arab Emirates Mi-SRH
21-Sep-2021 United Arab Emirates CSK-RR
22-Sep-2021 United Arab Emirates PBKS-RCB
23-Sep-2021 United Arab Emirates CSK-SRH
24-Sep-2021 United Arab Emirates DC-KKR
25-Sep-2021 United Arab Emirates Mi-RR
26-Sep-2021 United Arab Emirates PBKS-CSK
26-Sep-2021 United Arab Emirates SRH-RCB
27-Sep-2021 United Arab Emirates KKR-UAE
28-Sep-2021 United Arab Emirates RR-DC
29-Sep-2021 United Arab Emirates KKR-CSK
30-Sep-2021 United Arab Emirates PBKS-MI
01-Oct-2021 United Arab Emirates RR-SRH
02-Oct-2021 United Arab Emirates DC-RCB
03-Oct-2021 United Arab Emirates PBKS-KKR
03-Oct-2021 United Arab Emirates Mi-CSK
04-Oct-2021 United Arab Emirates SRH-DC
05-Oct-2021 United Arab Emirates RR-KKR
06-Oct-2021 United Arab Emirates PBKS-SRH
07-Oct-2021 United Arab Emirates Mi-RCB
08-Oct-2021 United Arab Emirates SRH-KKR
09-Oct-2021 United Arab Emirates CSK-DC
09-Oct-2021 United Arab Emirates RR-PBKS
10-Oct-2021 United Arab Emirates DC-MI
10-Oct-2021 United Arab Emirates CSK-RCB
11-Oct-2021 United Arab Emirates Qualifying Round 1
12-Oct-2021 United Arab Emirates Eliminator Round
13-Oct-2021 United Arab Emirates Qualifying Round 2
15-Oct-2021 United Arab Emirates final ipl match 2021

Buy IPL Tickets 2021 Online

The match was postponed once due to the rapid increase in the numbers already. Cases of covid 19. Hence, it is decided by the governing authority of BCCI and IPL also known as IGA. For this season 14 different matches. So this time there is no ticket.

Earlier fans could easily get match tickets from various sites. But now as the new IPL schedule 2021 is happening in UAE. And in order not to spread matters further, this time there will be no ticket window open for the fans.

ipl match table 2021

Now because cricket will not happen in India. However we have many channels sponsoring matches for our ultimate fans all over the world. Thus now you too can enjoy the match on your television on OTT platform Disney Hotstar or Star Sports channel.

IPL 2021 New Schedule @ Dates

FAQ IPL Season 14th New Schedule 2021:

Why IPL 2021 match date Still potential for this season?

As we also have the CPL which is the Caribbean Premier League starting from 28 August to 19 September. Thus BCCI is waiting if they can go ahead with the matches so that the cricketers are also available for IPL season 14.

Can you tell the timing of the second round match of IPL 2021?

The one day match is at 7:30 pm. However, when there are 2 matches in a day it will be at 3:30 and the other at 7:30 pm.

What is the new schedule of IPL 2021?

Complete IPL 2021 match table has been updated on this page.

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