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What Is JAMB CAPS all About? See Everything you Need


What is JAMB CAPS all about? This is one of the top questions JAMB candidates ask incessantly. Everyone wants to know what JAMB CAPS is about. Well, in this article, i will be answering that question. I will tell you what JAMB CAPS is about, term related to JAMB CAPS, how JAMB CAPS works and lastly, i will answer some frequently asked questions about JAMB CAPS.


I strongly advise you to seat and read this information assiduously, as it will be an eye opener. Now, lets get going.


Meaning of CAPS

CAPS means Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS). It is a system introduced by the Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (JAMB) in 2017, to ensure an equality ground in offering admission to students in Nigeria. According to JAMB, institutions no longer offer admission base on merit, and that is why CAPS was introduce to stop inequality and unfairness.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that the just introduced JAMB Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS), was not meant to abolish the manual way through which admission was offered to aspirants. It was only introduced to ensure that admission are offered equally to aspirants.

Important terms & phrases about JAMB CAPS admission and their meaning.

Accepting admission: This is when an aspirant accept the admission offered to him/her through JAMB CAPS. One can only accept admission when the institution applied for, has given admission to him, and the admission is on JAMB Central Admissions Processing System. For instance, i can only accept admission given to me through CAPS, if the institution i applied in, has offered me admission.

Admission is not available: If after checking your JAMB Central Admissions Processing System”, it simply means that you were not offered admission by the institution you applied. However, in some cases, this could also mean that the institution you applied, has not yet offered admission to aspirants. Yes! Some aspirants ended up gaining admission last year even though their CAPS status once said “Admission is not available“.

Rejecting admission: Just as one can accept admission offered to him/her, one can also reject the admission for any reason. Nevertheless, if a person rejects his/her admission, that person will be placed in CAPS market place, where he/she might gain admission into any other institutions in Nigeria.

Admission in progress: If after checking your CAPS status, it is saying “Admission in process”, this simply means that JAMB has not yet been given the admission list from your institution.

JAMB CAPS market place: JAMB CAPS market place is a kind of platform that allow for easy offering of admission to aspirants. For instance, if an aspirant rejects the admission offered to him/her, that aspirant is automatically put in JAMB CAPS market place. This simply means that the aspirant can be admitted again by anther institution, if the requirements of that institution is reached. Requirement in this situation, may be the Gender of the aspirant, the UTME score of the aspirant or Local Government of the aspirant etc.

How JAMB CAPS offer admission

There is this misconception that CAPS admission is different school’s admission. This is wrong. JAMB CAPS does not offer admission on its own. It works hand-in-hand with various schools in Nigeria.

What CAPS does, is to make sure that students who meet up to the requirement for admission, are definitely offered admission by the school they applied. After all institutions have submitted their departmental cutoff marks and other requirements to JAMB, JAMB CAPS will then offer admission to all aspirants that meet the cutoff mark given by that institution.

This way, CAPS tend to ensure equality and fairness in offering admission to aspirants.

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Frequently asked question about JAMB Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS)

Can i accept or reject JAMB admission when my school has not yet release admission list?

Accepting your JAMB admission is apparently based on your CAPS status at that time. First, you can accept CAPS admission, if you have been offered admission in CAPS. More so, you are not advice to accept or reject admission if your school has not yet release admission list, and your CAPS status is not saying admitted yet.

You can only accept your CAPS admission, if the school you applied has offered you admission or your CAPS status is saying “admitted”.

I mistakenly Accept Admission, what should i do?

Well, if you mistakenly click on Accept admission when you have not been offered admission in CAPS or your school’s admission list, then there is no much problem.

If you eventually gain admission, it wont stop you from being admitted. The only thing there is that, you will no longer be open to CAPS market place again, since you have accept the admission. But just know it that accepting your admission when you have not been admitted by either JAMB CAPS or school, will not stop your admission.

I mistakenly Reject Admission, what should i do?

If you mistakenly clicked on reject admission, then there is probably nothing you can do about it. You will be automatically put in JAMB CAPS market place. If you eventually meet the requirement of any other school, then you may be offered admission to study in that school.

I saw my name in admission list, but JAMB CAPS is still saying Admission in Progress

If you saw your name in admission list, and your JAMB CAPS status is still saying Admission In Progress, then you should not panic at all. JAMB Central Admissions Processing System is often slow when offering admission to aspirants. So, if you are having this problem, just keep calm and keep checking your CAPS status. It will surely show up later.

My JAMB CAPS status is saying “Welcome”, what should do?

This is a problem that often occur when you use a mobile phone to access your CAPS status. To stop this problem, simply use a computer to check your CAPS status again, or move to the desktop version of your browser.

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Wrapping Up

JAMB Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS) is very crucial for gaining admission in Nigeria. Any decision you make in your JAMB Central Admissions Processing System cannot be reversed, and that is why i made this article to tell you everything you need to know about JAMB CAPS admission. Hope this was helpful? Meanwhile if you have any question about JAMB CAPS, simply use the comment box below.



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