CoWin Vaccine Certificate Correction Online, Incorrect Name, Phone, Address


CoWin Vaccine Certificate Correction Online at, Wrong Name, Phone Address in Covid-19 Certificate. Now check details on how to correct wrong name, gender, address, passport number, personal details, date of birth (DOB) in COVID Vaccination Certificate and verify it to authenticate. As the Government of India ramps up its COVID-19 vaccination campaign across the country, several complaints were filed regarding cow vaccination certificate errors like name, date of birth and mobile number etc. These errors were mostly in the personal details of vaccinated individuals. Thus we all know that anyone planning to go abroad must have original COVID-19 vaccination certificate with correct details. After correction all the details of the certificate will be cross-checked with the verification of COWIN Covid-19 Vaccination Certification.

Cow Vaccine Certificate Correction Online

Recently, Aarogya Setu had tweeted that people can correct all errors in the Kovid-19 vaccination certificate. Thus after that the CoWin website and application had tabs for online verification and correction errors through Nevertheless, the government has placed limits on the number of errors you can correct in the certificate. Only name, gender, photo ID number, contact details, address, passport details can be added to the certificate.

CoWin Portal Registration

Coin Kovid-19 Vaccine Certificate Download

latest update – Recently a major vaccination was done in the country, so there is every possibility of wrong information in the certificate. Like the Vaccine Certificate, the government is planning to leverage the RT-PCR COVID Test Report on Co-Vin very soon. This will make travel easier. The ZyCoV-D needle-free vaccine is approved for children in India. The single-dose Russian vaccine Sputnik Lite is scheduled to be available in India from September. Johnson & Johnson Kovid Vaccine has been added to India’s Approved Vaccine List. Keep in mind that it is solely your responsibility to rectify the incorrect details of the certificate.

CoWin Vaccine Certificate Correction Online Incorrect Name Phone Address

Now download Covid Vaccine Certificate on WhatsApp in few easy steps. The dates of both the vaccine doses are being included in the Kovid Vaccination Certificate. The CoWIN portal is now allowing you to edit your name, gender, photo ID number and date of birth on your vaccine certificate. Be aware of fake certification of COVID vaccine and verify it to verify the certification.

Steps to improve vaccination certificate

Individuals will get only one chance to correct these details in the vaccination certificate at Hence, edit/correct/correct these details carefully. Check the steps given below.

  • Open the CoWin app or website.
  • Log in with your credentials from the website.
CoWin Vaccine Certificate Correction Online Incorrect Name Phone Address
  • All the member details will be on the dashboard.
  • Click Raise issue. Select a member’s name from the list.
  • Now click on Correction of errors.
  • Edit the information you need to correct (gender, name, date of birth, etc.). Check all the details once again. You have only one chance to edit these details in the certificate. do it wisely
  • After that submit the certificate.
  • After that, the changes will be reflected in your CoWin vaccination certificate. If not then you can call on the Coin help line number.

We also suggest that all individuals check the authenticity of their respective COVID-19 vaccination certificate from the official web portal for CoWin certificate name correction. If you are confused that how will you manage all the above process of error correction and verification of certificates then you are on the right page. To know more about wrong name correction in COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate DOB Correction and Verification, refer to the details given below in this article. If you want to travel abroad, update your passport details in the vaccination certification.

covid vaccination certificate name correction

To travel abroad or abroad, first of all you must have a vaccination certificate, along with this you must have all the details in it correctly. Additionally, it is important to know whether the certificate is authentic or not, as fake certificates are reported these days. portal provides facility to correct many errors like name, date of birth, gender and more online.

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the subject of the article Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate Error Correction Steps
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Web links Vaccine Certificate Verification

The CoWin Vaccine Certificate verification process is really simple and you can do it easily from the CoWin app or website. Check these steps which are given below.

Covid Vaccine Certificate Name, Phone, Address Correction Online >>> Click here

  • Open the CoWin website which is
  • Log in with the details and open your dashboard.
  • There you will see a QR code you will need to scan to verify your certificate.
  • Open your mobile camera and scan the QR code.
  • After doing this process a message will finally pop up. That message will state that the verification is successful.

For any queries, use the comment section to share them here, it may help you better. Also do not leave personal information in the comments. The most important thing is to stay away from fake certificates, otherwise you may have to face annoying consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding CoWin Vaccine Certificate Online Correction

Is there a fee for correcting the details in the vaccination certificate from CoWin?

No, it’s free.

Can I change the passport details in my vaccination certificate?

Yes, you can follow the steps mentioned above.

Where is the ‘Rise an issue tab’ located in the CoWIN app or website?

When you log in you will see a drop-down box on the right side of the portal.

How Often Can We Improve Vaccine Certificates?

As of now, the maximum correction limit has not been set.

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