Nomination for Sardar Patel National Unity Award 2021, application till 15 August


On the birth anniversary of Sardar Patel, the Ministry of Home Affairs gives awards to the people for promoting unity and integrity. For this year also, the ministry has started applications. However, there are certain requirements and applicants must fulfill them. If you wish to apply for enrollment, you can do so by 15 August 2021. Thus, to help you with this, we have talked about Sardar Patel National Integration Award 2021 Here.

Sardar Patel National Integration Award 2021

We would like to start by talking about the award and why the Ministry of Home Affairs distributes it. In the memory of Sardar Patel, the Ministry started awarding people who made remarkable contribution in the field of integrity and unity. Those who have promoted the message among the masses and helped to strengthen a strong and unified India get the award. All those selected to receive the award will receive it on October 31, the birthday of Sardar Patel.

We know Sardar Patel as a person who spread the message of unity and integrity among the masses. In such a situation, in his honor, the government celebrates his birthday in this way. In the award, the recipients receive a medal and a citation. The individual does not receive a cash prize or monetary grant. Also, the ministry gives three awards every year and these awards are not given to an individual posthumously.

Sardar Patel National Unity Award 2021: Nomination till 15 August 2021

Sardar Patel Award Nomination 2021

India as a country gained independence in 1945 and many people lost their lives in this freedom. Many famous and unnamed people sacrificed their lives to free India from foreign rule. This freedom struggle led by many leaders gave us some of our founding fathers. One such person was Sardar Patel and Prime Minister Narendra Modi also got a status designed in Gujarat in his honor. Since then, this place has been visited by many tourists and this place is known as Statue of Unity. The Statue of Unity is also the tallest statue in the world.

Now that we are talking about the award, it is important to know the eligibility. Any Indian of any religion, race, gender, caste, place, age, institution, occupation etc. will be eligible for the award. However, only individuals or organizations or institutions can apply for the nomination of the National Award.

Also, the ministry follows the criteria for the award, and on the basis of this criterion the ministry awards the people. To get the award, one should have made exceptional effort and remarkable contribution in the field. He should have done excellent work to promote national unity and integrity.

National Integration Award 2021 Apply Online

Now we would like to tell you that interested people can apply till 15 August 2021. As we have told you that one should have made extraordinary efforts, these should be enough to inspire the people around. Because of the efforts, one should have been able to reinforce the value of a united and strong India. Apart from this information, we will tell you the procedure to apply for online enrollment.

  • The ministry will release the nominations publicly every year.
  • Interested people have to fill the application on the official website of Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Anyone interested in applying for award nominations may do so from 1 June when applications become available. However, this time you can apply till 15 August 2021.
  • For this, the applicant has to provide proof of his work and the applicant can be an institution, organization or individual. Also, the ministry takes applications from all the states, union territories and departments.

Sardar Patel National Award Nomination Link

National Award Sardar Patel FAQ

What is the deadline for submitting the award nomination form on the website?

The award nomination forms on the website can be submitted by 15 August 2021.

Can institutes and organizations also apply for enrollment?

Yes, institutes and nomads can also apply for enrollment.

How many times does the ministry confer the National Awards?

The ministry has fixed a limit of three awards every year.

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