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Ola Electric has launched 10 new colors for the Ola electric scooter. check new ola e scooter booking online. Check ola electric scooter priceand release date. You can now book an Ola e-scooter for just Rs.499 on is in line with the resolve to make the country a pollution free country. and towards our overall sustainable development. Thus now many OEM companies are focusing on bringing e-vehicles to the Indian markets. Check ola e scooter online booking price here on this page, Ola Electric Scooter MileageNew features and wait time details. Of course, we don’t currently have a very good environment for that so they can’t go very far. Or because of charging issues beyond metro cities. But then the constant efforts of the central and state government. can be seen in this direction.

To generate the least pollution while comparing India with the world. Thus presenting our views in this field, we now have the country’s largest ride sharing company which is OLA. talking about it ola e scooter booking Now more in the article. Thus we will bring here some amazing facts and figures about the same. So guys get ready to see it here!

ola e scooter online booking price

OLA is not a company that needs your introduction. Is not it? After all, we are all too well aware of the saying “Yaar ola kar lenge”. When we have to take taxi/cab etc. to reach anywhere in the city. But this time, OLA still has a lot more to offer to its customers, that is, ola e scooter booking. what, why how? Thus everything is covered in detail below.

Now OLA is finally all set to foray into the electric segment with the launch of its new e-scooter. But yes it is interesting to note that, this is not the first time we will see an electric scooter in India. As Ola already has its competitors in the markets of India. Thus the big names include Bajaj Chetak, Ather 450X, Heroes Artia and many more. Thus it will surely come up with some amazing features to woo the Indian customers. Let’s see what Ola has in store for us in the electric segment. Of course we will cover price, features and more in this article. So further read complete details about Ola e scooter booking.

@OlaElectric also tweeted about their recent revolution on 15th July 2021. It was thus to divert the faces of the customers towards its new segment. Thus it has now offered its customers only Rs. 499/-. Yes, that’s it! Now this is the price you will have to pay for booking Ola e-scooter.

ola electric scooter price and booking online

name of the companyHailstone
type of industrytransportation industry
was installedDecember 2010 in Bangalore
currently servingIndia and 4 more countries
ola electric scooter price1 lakh approx
what’s new?ola e scooter
launchingtba soon
Website of OLA’s new electric e-scooter Features

  1. Boot Space: When we go for a scooter, what do we like to be served? Surely a bigger boot space isn’t it? Yes, because now the work of the car has to be done with a scooter. Thus, how amazing it would be if you get a big space for all your stuff. Thus it can be seen in the new segment rolled out by Ola Electric. Now you can keep 2 big size helmets in it. Helmets are always a problem for two wheeler drivers. But if you can keep both of them now, that’s amazing.
  2. Hyper Charging: Now Second Imp. The problem faced by electric scooters is definitely the problem of charging. Thus Ola has given its noble thought by introducing HyperCharger for Ola Electric Scooter booking. Thus setting up around 1 lakh charging stations in 400+ cities for its users. Moreover, it now brings the mileage of 75 km ride in just 18 minutes. It is really superfast and that’s why it is named Hyper Charging.


  • Keyless Feature: Enjoy super locking and unlocking now with your OLA mobile apps.
  • Equipped with brilliant LED lighting, front disc brake and efficient charging. Thus it is all.
  • ola electric scooter booking costThe estimated cost of this e-vehicle is around 1 lakh.

However, more details about the features, full details, etc. will be revealed by Ola soon. Till then you can enjoy the ones I just shared here.

How To Book Ola E Scooter Online @

Now if you are also looking for ola electric scooter booking So now you can pre-book here with these easy steps:-

  • Check Ola’s electric site at Click here.
  • On the homepage, you will see the “Reserve for 499” tab. Simply press it to go inside the site.
  • Now, enter the active phone number.
  • 499 after booking Ola e-scooter. Thus you are ready to go.

FAQ OLA Electric Scooter Online Booking & Price

When will the OLA expanded feature arrive?

It is slated to be out in near time by the CEO of the company. Probably late July or first week of August.

Can we trust its charging?

Yes. Now you can enjoy a ride of around 75 kms in 18 minutes of charging time. And that’s wonderful for an e-scooter.

Is it true that the Ola e-scooter has a large boot space?

Yes, you can read it above.

Don’t you think 1 lakh is too much for the price of Ola e-scooter?

If seen, nowadays the cost of common scooters is also around 1 lakh rupees. Moreover, the electric scooters already in the market belong to the same Ola electric scooter range. But if you look at the specifications details, it will actually be cost-effective.

What is the cost of Ola Electric Scooter??

The price of Ola e-scooter is Rs 1,00,000.

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