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paragraph on noise pollution

paragraph on noise pollution- Any unwanted or disturbing sound which is not pleasant to humans and animals and affects the well being is called noise pollution. Noise pollution affects any age group, but it affects children and the elderly significantly. It affects the hearing power and even makes the person dead.

100 words paragraph on noise pollution for class 1, 2 and 3 children

Loud and unwanted sound, which affects the healing power of human beings, is called noise pollution. It affects humans and other living beings on earth. There are many reasons for noise pollution.

This is due to the massive traffic on the roads, high volume of sound parties, airplanes, industry and animals etc. It affects everyone, especially children and older people. Hearing problems, sleep problems due to noise pollution; It sometimes makes people deaf, increases blood pressure and heart diseases.

We should avoid traffic areas, keep homes away from airports and noisy places and use cotton while visiting these areas.

150 words paragraph on noise pollution for class 4 and 5 children

Any unwanted disturbance in pleasant sound which affects the health and hearing power of the living beings is called noise pollution. Noise pollution is caused by regularly increasing noise levels and exposure to high noise levels.

Noise pollution has various health effects on humans and animals. Noise pollution is caused by many factors that are responsible for health effects such as air traffic, road traffic, horns of vehicles, animals and construction sites. These things create a lot of noise which is not good for the health of both animals and humans.

Noise pollution affects both physically and mentally. Anxiety, stress, depression and many other issues include physical problems and physical problems including headache, high blood pressure, gastritis, etc. We can reduce noise pollution by turning off appliances when not in use, using earplugs, staying away from noisy areas, and planting more trees near our homes.

200 words paragraph on noise pollution for class 6, 7 and 8 students

The presence of unwanted, loud and disturbing sounds in the environment is called noise pollution. Any noise above 70 decibels is harmful to the ears and the healing power of man. Unpleasant sounds and noises also create disturbance in nature.

Noise pollution is caused by humans and some natural things like volcanic eruption, thunder etc. It is caused by firecrackers, trains, air traffic, vehicles, loud music during parties, industrial activities, animals and construction activities. e.t.c.

Noise pollution causes various health problems and other problems for both humans and animals. It affects a person’s alertness and affects concentration and mind. Excessive use of loud noises damages the eardrum, and can sometimes lead to permanent hearing loss, raising a person’s anxiety levels and blood pressure.

High levels of sound cause sleepiness and restlessness in people and cause them to have insomnia. It also affects the wildlife as the high level of noise affects the peace of the forests. We can reduce noise pollution by building soundproof homes and building trees and hedges around the house. Industries should be fixed away from homes. Use earbuds and avoid going to noisy places.

250 to 300 words on Noise Pollution for Category 9,10,11,12 and Competitive Exa MS

When we talk about pollution, we talk about air pollution and water pollution; Noise pollution is the one that gets the least discussion. Noise pollution is any unwanted and unpleasant, loud sound that affects both humans and the environment.

It is equally dangerous for health. Noise pollution interferes with pleasant sound. Noise pollution is not just in India or any particular region; It is spread all over the world.

Causes of Noise Pollution

There are many causes of noise pollution, one of them being transport and traffic. Some of the causes of noise pollution are:

  • air and road traffic
  • construction and renovation of houses
  • loud music at parties
  • animals
  • Machinery and other industrial activities
  • generator
  • bursting firecrackers
  • trains

Any noise above 70 decibels is considered harmful to humans and animals as it causes hearing loss. Sometimes the exploitation of loud music leads to permanent hearing loss because it damages the eardrum and cannot be repaired.

Noise pollution reduces concentration especially of children. It causes fatigue, anxiety, sleeplessness and cardiac problems. Exposure to loud noises for a long time causes an increase in blood pressure. It makes people more irritable and prone to insomnia.

Elderly people also go through heart related problems. It also harms the learning behavior of the child. Noise pollution also affects animals and wildlife. This can alter the balance in prey or predator detection, it affects the balance in the habitat and can lead to the extinction of various species.

We should try to reduce those activities which cause noise pollution. We should build noisy houses and plant more and more trees around the house. Industries should be set up away from residential areas, and construction should be under-insulated fences.

Switch off appliances such as fans, coolers and others when not in use. Try to avoid going to noisy places and use earbuds while going to noisy places.


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