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Under the Ayushman Bharat scheme, the Government of India started providing health cards to the Indian public. For these PM Modi Health Card, One has to do the pmjay.gov.in Registration Form 2021. With the help of the new scheme, the government has decided to cover around 50 crore citizens of India. as well as through PMJAY health card apply, candidates get health benefits from Govt. Here, we will talk about PM Modi Health Card Apply Online 2021.

PM Modi Health Card Online Application 2021

It is a well known fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has badly affected all the platforms. But, even among them, the health infrastructure of the country has been affected the most. Moreover, the pandemic has brought to the fore the harsh realities of health infrastructure. Thus, the government has to work and put a lot of effort in the direction of health and medicine to protect the people and prepare them for adverse situations.

Keeping these situations in mind, the government decided to provide a health card to the eligible candidates for the scheme. Since millions of people had to move from city to city during the pandemic, the government thought it would be better to record their health digitally. Thus, with the help of PM Modi Health Card ID And pmjay.gov.in registration form, one can know his/her health status on the portal. Secondly, even the authorities may have a record of the user’s medical history.

PM Modi health card apply online
pmjay.gov.in apply online

PMJAY Health Card Application Form Online

On the occasion of India’s 74th Independence Day, the Prime Minister of India announced that people will start getting health identity cards. All this process takes place under the National Digital Health Mission of India. To get the benefits, one has to be eligible and have to apply PM Modi Health Card Online 2021 on the website. Through this, the government intends to improve the health sector of India. This makes it easier for patients to keep a record of their medical history.

Also, ID card and digital portal helps in creating records of reports, training, discharges etc. This ID card is also called One Nation One Health Card. When one obtains an ID card, he does not need to carry a complete book of all the details related to it to the clinics and doctors. Here, we will tell you more about the health id card and pmjay.gov.in registration form process.

pmjay.gov.in Registration Form 2021

categoryPM health card online application 2021
ByIndian government
Benefitdigital record of patients
PurposePatients’ digital storage

When the government launched the scheme, it was launched in six union territories of India namely Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Chandigarh, Ladakh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Puducherry and Daman and Diu. Also, we would like to tell you that there is no need to worry about privacy on the portal. Once one is registered on the website, his/her data is secured and linked to the health ID card.

ayushman bharat yojana health card 2021 apply online

  • A person receives a health ID card.
  • DG Doctor Facility.
  • Personal health care records (digital).
  • e-pharmacy
  • far
  • health facility registry

In addition to the above data, we will tell you about the facilities related to the health card.

Health information of a person through facilities- reports, blood group, prescriptions, medicines etc. This ID card consists of 14 digits and a unique QR card. With the help of the card, doctors, non-government hospitals, government hospitals, clinics, dispensaries etc. are linked to the patient’s ID.

  • Now people do not need to carry their medical reports with them.
  • Doctors can easily access their medical reports from the portal and the data is secure.
  • There is no possibility of loss of patient record data from digital records.
  • Secondly, health cards save a lot of time for patients and doctors.
  • The government spent about Rs. 500 crore budget for the scheme.
  • All hospitals, clinics and patients are connected to a central server.
  • The data is completely secure as the individual receives a unique ID from the government.
  • Also, these health ID cards will be extended to health companies and medical stores.

PM Modi Health ID Card Application Form 2021

Have told you about its benefits and features PMJAY Health ID CardNow we will tell you about PM Modi Health Card Online Apply 2021, which is given below.

  • Visit PMJAY website for PM Modi Health Card Online Application 2021.
  • You will see the Create Health ID link available on the homepage of the PMJAY website.
  • You have to go to the link and then go to the Create Your Health ID Now option.
  • Once you click on it, you have to select the Generate Via Aadhar Card link. However, you can also generate it through mobile number.
  • Then, you receive an OTP on the number provided by you. After which a form will open in front of you on the screen which you have to fill.
  • You have to fill all the details PM health card online application 2021 Form and submit.
  • This will generate your health ID card.

Also, now you can log in with this health ID.

  • Again visit the PMJAY website.
  • Now you have to go directly to the Create Health ID link. From there you have to click on the Login button on the screen.
  • Now, enter the health id you received after pmjay.gov.in registration form and also enter the OTP you received now.
  • With its submission, you complete your login on the portal.

Apply Online Link for PM Modi Health ID Card 2021 @ PMJAY.Gov.in

Ayushman Bharat Health Card Application Form 2021 Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any separate process to generate DG Doctor ID on the website?

Yes, one can register as a DG Doctor and obtain an ID from the website. For that he has to go to pmjay.gov.in registration form link under DG Doctor option and follow further steps.

Has the Government of India also provided an application for the availability of PMJAY Health ID card to the public?

Yes, the government has also launched an application for the availability of PMJAY Health ID card for the public.

If anyone is facing any issue related to report or data or his/her profile, can he/she file a complaint?

Yes, in case of any issue related to data, pmjay.gov.in registration form process, or report, one can lodge a complaint on the portal.

PM Modi Health Card Apply Online 2021 Link?

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