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How To Pass JAMB Examination (2019/2020)


In the last few days, i have been trying to compile a list of tentative tips that will help all 2019 JAMB candidates, pass JAMB examination. Just recently, i wrote an article on “How to pass JAMB examination in one week“, but since then, my mind has not been at rest, because i am sure that there are some candidates out there, who have started preparing for JAMB, 10 weeks before their examination.

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First, I must categorically state that the time you start preparing for JAMB does not wholesome determine your score in JAMB examination. It is the way you prepare for the examination that will determine your score. JAMB UTME examination has gotten to the extent that there is no question that can be called a new question. All the questions JAMB ask these days, have been repeated before. But still, many candidates still fail JAMB examination. This should clearly explain to you that there are some tentative secrets for passing JAMB examination. Well today, i will be sharing with you those secrets. All you have to do, is to read painstakingly as i tide you over.


How To Pass JAMB 2019/2020 Exam with 300 and above

Below are guides to pass JAMB Examination:

  1. Jettison fear.
  2. Have a working plan.
  3. Say no to examination malpractice.
  4. Don’t just read, study your books assiduously.
  5. Network with other JAMB Candidates.
  6. Always be current.
  7. Get the right study materials.
  8. Practice time management.
  9. Try to Understand questions before answering them
  10. Take JAMB mock examination.
  11. Go through all JAMB past questions
  12. Outline your subjects in the way you want to answer them

I know you really want to know what all these points are actually pointing at. Well, i am not going to leave them that way. In the next part of this article, i will explain each of the points above, and how they can help you pass JAMB 2019/2020 examination. Now, lets get going.

1. Jettison fear:


It is very important that you jettison fear to pass JAMB examination. It is apparent that an examination written in fear, is already a failed examination because, fear causes even an intelligent man to fail. There is probably no way you can pass JAMB examination with fear. If you want to pass JAMB, you must jettison your fear. Forget about what people are saying. JAMB examination is not difficult. It is in fact, one of the most easiest examination you can ever take in Nigeria. As long as you are not scared, believe me, you will pass. Even Marie Curie said “Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.”

Overcoming fear is the first and most important tip you need to pass JAMB 2019 examination. No doubt about it.

2. Have a working plan:


There is a proverbial saying, that “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”. Yes! This also applies to every JAMB 2019 candidate. If you fail to plan your success and pass JAMB examination, you will definitely fail it. No doubt about that. The way you plan will determine your score in JAMB examination.

It is for this reason that Abraham Lincoln said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”.

Your plan is the only tool you have to tackle every JAMB question. If you do not plan well, then you will end up failing. Now you may be asking, “How do i plan for JAMB UTME examination?”. Well, the answer is simple. Planing as used in this article, has to do with creating your timetable, setting a high score you want to meet up to, doing anything possible to pass JAMB examination. That is the way to plan for JAMB examination.

3. Say no to examination malpractice:


Examination malpractice is not a tentative way to pass JAMB examination. If you are just hearing that, then you should be grateful for hearing it. Yes! I am not lying. About 35,000 candidates who took JAMB UTME examination last year, had their results withheld by the Joint Admission and Matriculation board (JAMB). Till today, many of those candidates have not yet seen their results, neither have they heard anything from JAMB.

Examination malpractice will take you nowhere. If you can tell yourself that you don’t want to engage in malpractice, i assure you that you will pass JAMB examination easily. All you have to do is to prepare and aim for a very high score.

4. Don’t just read, study your books assiduously:


JAMB candidates always make the mistake of reading rather than studying their textbooks to pass JAMB examination. Reading is defined as the process of interpreting a written language. On the other hand, studying is to acquire knowledge on a subject.

It is always advised to study your books than reading them because, studying is the only way to gain more knowledge. To pass JAMB examination, you have to study assiduously. Study as if your life depends on your success in JAMB examination. That is the only way to pass JAMB 2019 examination with a high score. There is no secret about success. If you study, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) cannot kill you with their questions.

5. Network with other JAMB Candidates:


Experience they say, is the best teacher. To pass JAMB 2019/2020 examination, you must be ready to network with other Jambites. By communicating and negotiating with other JAMB candidates, you will learn a lot from them. There are something things, which i may not discuss here for some reasons, but when you start networking with some Ex JAMB candidates, you will learn everything you need.

Nonetheless, while you are trying to network with other JAMB candidates, be very careful so that you will not be influenced negatively by their words. I recommend you only take those good part of them, and let others go. This way, you will surmount JAMB examination excellently.

6. Always be current:

You may be asking, “how will being current make a person to pass JAMB examination?“. It is quite perplexing right? Don’t worry you will understand after I finish explaining this point.

About 12,000 JAMB candidates who took JAMB examination last year (2017), failed not because they didn’t prepare for the examination, but because they were not aware that the Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (JAMB), change the general compulsory text that year. JAMB changed from “Last day at Focado” to “The independent“. Candidates who were unaware of this, kept on reading “Last day at Focado“, without knowing it was changed. So you see, being current is very essential to pass JAMB. More so, they are so many ways you can get yourself current. You can keep visiting us @latestjambnews.com if you want to get all the current JAMB News and updates you need as a JAMB candidate. Believe me, this point is inevitable for everyone who wants to pass JAMB with 300+

7. Get the right study materials:


These days, it is apparent that JAMB no longer ask straight questions, but very technical ones in UTME examination. Nonetheless, i must also state categorically, that JAMB UTME questions are not technical indeed. Sometimes, most of the questions we call technical questions, are not. They are just simple questions derived (word to word) from JAMB recommended textbooks. Yes! JAMB do not ask questions anyhow. They make sure that the questions they ask, are collected directly from the syllabus they gave to you.

Now, after reading any textbook that is not recommended by JAMB, you will always find it difficult to understand JAMB questions because, the author of the book you read and the author of the book JAMB recommended for you, are not the same. So you see, it is very essential to have those right materials JAMB recommended for you. Believe me, if you do this, JAMB 2019 examination will be the easiest for you to pass. I am not the only person saying this. Many people have also attested to this fact too.

8. Practice time management:


Apparently, JAMB examination is CBT (Computer based test) and as such, there is every need to practice how to manage your time very well before taking the examination. You may take this point trivial if you want to. But believe me, if you don’t know how to manage your time very well, then you will probably fall JAMB examination.

As at 2018, JAMB asked a total of 120 questions. They gave every candidate a minimum of 20minutes to answer each question. This means that, if you spend more than 20minutes for each question, you may not finish all your questions; and that will be to your detriment. Poor time management has made many people fail JAMB examination. So, it is highly advisable to start learn to manage your time properly, if you want to pass JAMB examination with flying colours. Trust me, this will certainly go a long way to also help you pass JAMB 2019 examination.

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9. Try to Understand questions before answering them:


Another good tip that will help you pass JAMB 2019 examination excellently, is to understand questions properly, before answering them. I have stated it time and again, that JAMB questions are getting technical everyday. Probably, it may be that JAMB is trying to reduce the number of students that gain admission every year. No one actually knows. But having gone through many JAMB past questions, it is obvious that JAMB questions are becoming more difficult.

This is why you must try to understand questions first, before answering them. If you tend to rush your questions so that you can finish early, you will end up thinking that you have passed the examination without knowing that you have fails wholesomely. Take your time to answer each question, and at the same time, don’t spend too much time on each question. No doubt, if you want to pass JAMB 2019/2020 examination, you must learn how to understand every single question, before answering them.

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10. Take JAMB mock examination:

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One of the tentative secrets to pass JAMB examination excellently, is to take JAMB mock examination. In 2017 JAMB introduced the taking of mock examination to candidates. That year many JAMB UTME candidates didn’t take the mock examination seriously because, everybody thought that the examination is just to test JAMB CBT equipments.

But the funny thing that happened was that, majority of the candidates who took that examination smashed up to 350 and above in that examination. After some research, i found out that most of the questions asked in the mock examination, were also repeated in the main examination. So you see, I highly recommend that you take JAMB mock examination. JAMB did not just set the examination for fancy. There is a cogent reason why they ask candidate to take the examination. If you are given the opportunity, please use it. This will definitely help you to prepare and pass Jamb examination excellently.

11. Go through all JAMB past questions:


Yeah! I am very sure you are not hearing this for the first time. To pass JAMB 2019 exam, you can’t do without JAMB past questions. It is the key to success is JAMB examination.

In 2017, JAMB surprised everyone by repeating exactly the same questions they asked in 2016. This made everyone believed that past questions really works. Since they did it in 2017, you never can tell if the same thing will happen again this year (2019/2020). Thus, I will strongly advise you to go to any book shop near you, and ask them to give you JAMB past questions for the four subjects you want to take in JAMB examination. It won’t cost you much. Just go and get your JAMB past questions now because, it is one of the most effective tip to pass JAMB examination without stress.

12. Outline your subject in the way you want to answer them:


You will agree with me, that there is always a great tension/fear every student face during JAMB examination. Sometimes, that fear you experience during JAMB examination can even make you forget what you read before the examination. It is indeed, a potential cause of failure in JAMB examination.

For this reason, it is always advisable to arrange your subjects in you mind before the examination. This will help you reduce the fear and anxiety during JAMB examination. More so, it is more better if you attend to the subject you know very well first before going to the harder subjects. This will help you save more time to think properly before answering the harder questions.

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Below are other important points to help you pass JAMB examination:

  • Get enough sleep before the examination:

I am sure some studious JAMB candidates will not want to have enough rest before their JAMB UTME exam. But i must tell you that it is very bad. Passing JAMB examination is a very serious issue, but you can’t cheat nature. To avoid any kind of mental problem during JAMB examination, it is advisable to take enough rest before your JAMB examination.

  • Familiarise your with the examination centre before the examination:

It is also pertinent to be familiar with the examination centre before the examination starts. This will be more tentative to candidates who have not taken JAMB examination before. It will go a long way to help you reduce fear during JAMB UTME exam.

Passing JAMB examination with 300 and above is not very easy, but i strongly believe that if you follow the guides above, you will pass 2019 JAMB examination excellently. Nonetheless, if you have any question to ask as regards how to pass JAMB 2019 exam, do well to ask me using the comment box below.



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