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How To Prepare And Pass WAEC 2019/2020 With Good Grades



How To Pass WAEC Examination: 2019/2020 WAEC Solution

WAEC examination is gradually becoming technical these days. The West African Examination Council (WAEC), has been doing all they can to make sure that candidates who pass WAEC examination, are candidates who reach up to the required level of education they want. Well, i will say that is actually a welcome development on the side

Pass WAEC Examination

of WAEC. But wait, candidates on their own part, need to seat up now, so that they can pass WAEC examination with good grades.

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If you are planning to take WAEC 2019 examination, and you are reading this article, then fear not because, i will show you everything you need to pass WAEC examination with good grades. You need not to be scared of failing. All you have to do now, is to read this article to the end, and use its content properly. So, lets get going.


Below are guides you need to prepare and pass WAEC examination with good grades:

  • Have a goal.
  • Study hard.
  • Focus on your major subjects.
  • Go through your past questions and answers.
  • Don’t engage in examination malpractice.
  • Study and discuss with others.
  • Work on your handwriting.

Those are my guides on how you can pass WAEC 2019 examination with good grades. Meanwhile, in the following part of this article, i will explain each of the points above, to help you pass WAEC 2019 examination excellently.

Have a goal:

A goal may be a desired grade which you want to make in your major subjects. A goal is very important to pass WAEC examination with good grades because, it tends to boost your enthusiasm and ambitiousness to work more harder and study more harder to pass WAEC examination.

Tony Robbins said “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”. So, if you want to make your chance of passing WAEC examination with good grades propitious, set a goal for yourself.

Study hard:

Some candidates think that passing WAEC examination is by miracle. May be a native doctor or something else. This is apparently a big lie. You don’t need to go to a native doctor or engage in examination malpractice to pass WAEC examination. All you have to do, is to study hard. Yes! That is the only miracle that can save you in WAEC examination hall.

The way you study for WAEC, is instigated by your goal. If your goal is to make at list, A or B in WAEC examination. Then you have to study voraciously. Study your books like never before. Remember, studying will not kill you. It will only go a long way to help you prepare for WAEC examination and pass the examination once and for all.

Focus on your major subjects:

Apparently, WAEC examination is not like JAMB examination, where candidates are expected to pass excellently in all their four subjects. WAEC do not require that to pass all your subjects. You are only expected to pass all your major subjects. For instance, if i want to study law using my WAEC result, i must have at least, a credit in English Language, Mathematics, Government, Literature and of course, Christian Religious Study (CRS).

I don’t know the course you want to study. But whichever course you want to study, make sure you focus more on the subjects that are closely related to your course. They are your major subjects. If you don’t pass them, your result will be as useless as nothing.

Go through your past questions and answers:

Both the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and other major examination bodies in Nigeria (like JAMB, NECO, NABTEC etc), has device a new method for asking questions in examination. There is probably no examination you can pass in Nigeria today, without the help of past questions and answers from that examination body.

To pass WAEC examination with good grades, you must study previous WAEC question. Know the way WAEC ask questions, and try to master their type of question. One other reason why you should study pass questions and answers from WEAC is because, WAEC sometimes repeat their questions. So you see, this really go a long way to help you prepare for WAEC examination and pass excellently.

Do not engage in examination malpractice:

If you ask me, engaging in examination malpractice is not a way to pass WAEC examination. Yes! That’s true. The reason is because, WAEC is becoming more technical everyday. It is very difficult to engage in examination malpractice, and go free. Last few year, WAEC withheld the results of 30,000 candidates for engaging in examination malpractice.

Till today, those candidates who’s results were withheld, have not yet seen their results, neither has the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) said anything about the result. Indeed, examination malpractice is not a way to pass WAEC examination. It will only lead you to a total failure.

Study and discuss with others:

The importance of group studying cannot be overemphasized. Research has shown that majority of the people who do well in education, always engage themselves in group educative discussion, that will boost them academically. Yeah! Some people say they don’t like study groups. But believe me, this tips is a working way to pass WAEC examination.

First, it is obvious that not every WAEC candidate can cover all WAEC syllabus before examination. This is why it is advisable to study and discuss in group. During an educative discussion people tend to learn more fast from each other. One interesting and striking thing about group discussion is that, you will seldom forget anything you learn during the discussion. Yes! That is why i stated this point. Study groups will help you cover much ground before your main WAEC examination.

Work on your handwriting:

One of the areas many WAEC candidates often pay less attention to, is their handwriting. First, it is very pertinent to have in mind that the person responsible for marking you WAEC examination script is not your mother, father or even you class teacher (Who may be familiar with your handwriting). The person that will mark your script, will be an external teacher. He/She is going to be a person you don’t know at all. So, if you don’t make your handwriting very eligible, you are indirectly jeopardising your chance of success in WAEC examination because, the person who is to mark your script will not want to waste time on ineligible works.

More so, making your handwriting very eligible and neat can even add more marks to you. Yes! It is very possible. There is this teacher I know who work as an official for WAEC. While i was discussing with him some days ago, he disclosed to me that sometimes, he award little mark to candidates whose handwriting is very neat and coordinated. So you see, this can be of great help to you, if you want to pass WAEC examination excellently. Work on your handwriting ardently, and you will perform extraordinarily well in 2019 WAEC examination.

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Wrapping Up:

These are the most tentative guides to help you prepare and pass WAEC examination with good grades. No matter how difficult WAEC 2019 may be, if you make all the points above pragmatic, i promise you, that you will pass WAEC 2019/2020 examination with As in all your subjects.


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