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The privacy policy of our readers is of paramount importance to us, as it categorically explain how we use, manage and collect data in our our website.

Latestjambnews.com Privacy policy

Copyright Notice:

Readers are to note that this website is fortified with a copyright. We therefore put it as a warning to all our readers, that no article, image, video, post or music from this website should be copied to any other website. Our contents can only be used privately by readers.

Notice on Cookies:

Readers are to note that this website uses Cookies. Cookies are used to track the activities of our viewers on our website, to help us meet up to their expectation.

Notice on Advertisement:

LatestJambNews also allow advert placement from Google Adsense (one of the top advertisement company in Nigeria). We equally allow advertisement from big firms to improve the service we offer to readers.


Information we collect from our viewers

LatestJambNews does not ask readers to provide their personal data for any reason. We can only ask readers to subscribe to our newsletter, so that they will receive all our latest education news. We repudiate any person asking to your personal information. Please be careful of fraudsters.

How we manage readers data:

All the data we collect from our readers are kept safe in our database. They can not be accessed by us neither can they be accessed by an anonymous person. We therefore assert that we are not responsible for disclosing your personal data with us to a third party, since we can not access them.

Links from other websites found on our site:

It is likely that you will find links from other websites on ours, but we promulgate today, that we are not responsible for the contents on such websites, and we are not also responsible for any discomfort you may suffer there.

How articles should be understood:

All contents in this website should not be understood based on the title of the content, but by the actual information provided in the content.

Lastly, we wish to announce to everyone that this privacy policy is subject to alteration with or without the notice of our readers.

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