Rajasthan Domicile Certificate Apply Online 2021 Check Eligibility, Status


Rajasthan domicile certificate apply onlineNow you can register Download Raj Domicile CertificateCheck eligibility and if you have already applied for check Rajasthan Domicile Certificate Status Online.

The state domicile certificate holds great importance for the individuals of their state. This is because it gives proof of state citizenship of individuals. Hence they also become eligible to avail benefits of various Govt. service applicable to them. Most importantly, they also enjoy fee concession while applying to their state colleges. Therefore, here I will thus include all the imp. Information about Rajasthan Domicile Certificate 2021. And thus how you can get your state citizen certificate 2021 now. Rajasthan Domicile Certificate Apply Online 2021, Check Eligibility Criteria and Raj Domicile Certificate Status.

Domicile certificate of any state gives proof of your residence in that particular state. It also tells you how many years you have lived there. That’s why it’s small everywhere. For example in applying for higher education in your state college. Or in filling the government. Apply for your state job and many more state services like this. So the catch here is that, if you want to apply now in all these, and also if other state students are also applying in your college/Govt. job application etc.

Rajasthan Domicile Certificate Online Application 2021

As you have already seen the importance of Domicile Certificate. above. Thus now you can now apply for the certificate from home. This can be done by downloading the domicile form from the Government of Rajasthan. venue. But before proceeding towards that. We will first see here the benefits of Rajasthan Domicile Certificate 2021. And also the documents that you will need to submit as such.

Rajasthan Domicile Certificate Apply

Then you will definitely get priority or fee concession in that case. So now you see, this certificate thus brings additional benefits to its citizens. Also, you can check the complete article here to read more in Rajasthan Domicile Certificate Application below.

emitra.rajasthan.gov.in domicile certificate download

Rajasthan Domicile Certificate Registration Form Benefits:

  • To take admission in the schools/colleges of Rajasthan, you will need the citizenship of the state.
  • Domicile certificate is short. Because it lets you take advantage of reqd. Scholarship/fee concession in that school/college.
  • If you want to apply in your State Govt. Jobs. Then as you show this certificate there. Then you can get the benefit/preference while releasing the merit list for that post.
  • Even when you buy land in your state you have to show domicile certificate there.

Rajasthan Domicile Certificate 2021 Eligibility

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of Rajasthan state. Or you can either show 10 years of proof. resided in that state. Then you are eligible.
  • If you are a woman who is married to a person from Rajasthan. So in that case also you are eligible to get Rajasthan domicile certificate.
  • To get the above certificate, make sure that the person must have his/her state domicile certificate. Only then women can apply for it.
  • For students below 18 years of age, you can get your state domicile on the basis of your parents domicile certificate.

Now that you know the benefits of certificates. Thus if you want to apply for the same, you must fulfill the following conditions given above.

Required Documents: For Rajasthan domicile certificate

As you are about to fill the application for Rajasthan Domicile. Then you will definitely need the following documents:

  • Photocopy of the voter ID card of the applicant.
  • a government. ID i.e. Aadhar card and its photocopy.
  • Photocopy of a family register.
  • You will also have to show the copy of the ration card.
  • Birth certificate of the applicant.
  • Copy of electricity and water bill at applicant’s house.
  • One passport size photograph of the applicant.

Rajasthan Domicile Certificate 2021 Apply Online:

Now you can apply for State Domicile 2021 with simple steps, I have shared here:

  • To download the Rajasthan Domicile Form, first of all kindly visit the Rajasthan e-seva site. Or you can do so by directly downloading the PDF which I have shared here:
  • Secondly, now that you have got the domicile form, now you need to start by downloading it.
  • Fill the details including your personal details along with family details. Then you have to give complete address details, your mobile number and voter ID also.
  • After skimming the complete form you have filled. Finally sign the same document and submit it.

Rajasthan Domicile Certificate Status Check Link 2021 Apply:

Download FAQ for Rajasthan E Mitra Domicile Certificate Application

Can I apply for State Domicile Certificate? If I don’t have 10 years. Residence proof in Rajasthan?

If you were living with your parents, you can show their domicile certificate. Thus register now for your domicile certificate. Otherwise you cannot apply unless you prove the years of residence there.

How can I upload passport size photograph in the online form?

It’s quite easy. You can go to your nearest internet cafe in your area. After that they will scan your photograph and fill the remaining form as well. Also you can keep the scanned copy in your mail to use it for filling other forms. Otherwise you can do it yourself. By downloading the doc. Scanner Application from Play Store. And then click on the photograph to scan it. Later you can upload it in the form.

In how many days will I get my Rajasthan domicile certificate after applying in the same?

Because the officials will take time to verify your domicile form details. Thus in a span of 15-20 days, you will get your domicile certificate. Which will come to your address.

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