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Top 5 Learning Tools for Educational System

With the advancement in technology, much advancement has been made in the field of education. Today a lot of digital tools have been designed for the students to perform their tasks potentially and even more swiftly. An online jpg to pdf converter is one of them. It assists you in providing you people with the facility to turn jpg to pdf that can be easily readable. Yes, it has provided a helping hand to scholars in carrying out their educations smoothly.

In this article, I will be discussing the five latest learning tools for you people to learn things better.

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Storybird is a program that uses the technique of storytelling to enhance the writing and reading capability of pupils. Teachers can use this application to produce interactive and beautiful books online using a simple and user-friendly interface.


Teachers can also use Storybird to collaborate on projects with students, provide constant feedback, and manage lessons and grades. Students can also take screenshots of the content or capture pictures on their mobile phones or tablets. Once done, they can easily turn jpg to pdf by using a free jpg to pdf converter.


Teachers can use Kahoot! to create presentations with embedded quizzes and run game-like quizzes. Teachers can make their quizzes or use, remix, and share public quizzes. Kahoots can be delivered in real-time or assigned to students for self-paced learning. While studying, students can also convert jpg to pdf that they capture during the lectures for a complete file that could easily be managed to study.


Kahoot! was created to bring people together around a common screen, such as an interactive whiteboard, projector, or computer display. And now, ‘Jumble’ is available in Kahoot! Instead of selecting a single correct answer, jumble questions require players to place answers in the correct order. It provides a novel experience that motivates gamers to concentrate even more.


Students can use Thinglink to create creative images using music, sounds, words, and photographs. The free jpg to pdf converter online also allows them to save jpg as pdf in seconds without any hurdle. These files can be shared on other websites as well as social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Teachers can use Thinglink to construct learning techniques that arouse students’ curiosity by providing interactive content that expands their knowledge.

Class Dojo:

It is a school communication tool that is used by teachers, students, and families to create close-knit communities by sharing what they’re learning in the classroom with their families via images, videos, and messages. Teachers can also convert jpg tó pdf by using online jpg to pdf converter to keep parents updated about their kid’s performance. Indeed, it has provided another edge in the field of education.

Google Classroom:

Google classroom is considered the most effective source for better learning. It has enhanced the ratio of educators’ understanding up to a great extent. Teachers can also upload engaging questions and lesson materials for students to review at home. It is up to students whether they take shots of these questions or not. If they do so, they can also turn jpg to pdf by using a free jpg to pdf converter easily and smoothly.

Wrapping It Up:

Everyone seeks better learning at every stage of life. Well, it’s all about getting command over new tools and understanding the role of technology in the education system. Just like I discussed in the article that you can use a free jpg to pdf converter to turn jpg into pdf files in no time. So go ahead, jump on the site and take advantage of this smart gadget absolutely for free.

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