Welcome Back Boost in Coin Master

Welcome Back Boost in Coin Master is a reward you get when you haven’t played the game for a long time. With these rewards Coin Master will get you back in the game with cool new spins, coins, chests and events. The rewards are certainly worth a lot. But there are a few things you need to know before using this welcome back boost.

What is Welcome Back Boost

Welcome Back Boost is a series of rewards that you get when you haven’t played Coin Master in a long time. Because I can see that must be at least a few months. You get free spins, coins, XP, cards and pet snacks to get you back in the game. Apart from this you can participate in many events like Sea of ​​Fortune and Village Master and Village Mania. If you open the last reward you also get to open the pinata which gives you even more free spins.

What are the rewards in the Welcome Back Boost

The rewards you get with Welcome Back Boost are:

  • Reward 1: 100 Spins, 18 Hours of Bet Blast, 18 Hours of Golden Trade and 10 Minutes of 200% Coin Craze
  • Reward 2: Welcome Back Boost Chest with 9 cards, 100-700 spins, 1.5k-45k Pet XP and 10m-200m coins
  • Bounty 3: 1.2B Coins
  • Bounty 4: Sea of ​​Fortune
  • Reward 5: Ultra Attack 2x, Lucky Chest with 9 cards, 50-5k spins, 1-3 pet snacks and 20m-400m coins
  • Prize 6: Village Master 10 Minutes, Village Mania 10 Minutes
  • Reward 7: 1.7B Coins, Sea of ​​Fortune Gold Journey, Pinata and 30 Minutes 200% Coin Craze

Rewards may vary depending on the village you are in.

Important things to know when accepting awards

Of course the most important thing is that you get the welcome back boost only if you haven’t opened the coin master game for a long time. But when you do, not all rewards are available at the same time. The first prize opens straight away, but for each next prize you have to wait. And the wait gets longer with each reward.

  • You have to wait 2 minutes to open the second reward
  • You have to wait 5 minutes to open the third prize
  • You have to wait 60 minutes to open the 4th bounty
  • You have to wait 6 hours to open the fifth bounty
  • You have to wait 6 hours to open 6th bounty
  • You have to wait for the final bounty to open

Since you have a total of 40 hours to unlock all the rewards in Welcome Back Boost, you shouldn’t wait too long just because you need some waiting time. It’s helpful to set a timer to know when your rewards are available. As you wait for the rewards to open, you can visit our . You can use daily free spins link for some extra rewards. These are available every day.

Have you ever taken a big break from Coin Master?

Have you ever been fed up with this game so you stopped playing? Then it’s a good idea to reopen the game after a few months. The amazing rewards you get are good to add to your stack. Don’t worry if you decide not to play again. If you wait again for a few months you can get your welcome back boost again. It’s a good idea to follow us if you decide to stay in the game Facebook,

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