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Why People Fail WAEC Examination: 6 Reasons


why people fail WAEC examination, why are there massive failure in WAEC examination, why people fail WAEC so much, reasons why many students fail WAECHave you ever thought of the reasons why people fail WAEC examination so much? Well, i think every impending WAEC candidate must have asked that same question many times because, having good knowledge of the reasons why people fail WAEC, can help a candidate do well in WAEC examination.

Nevertheless, if you really want to know the reasons why many people fail WAEC examination, i enjoin you to read this article carefully because, i will be doing justice to that here. It is worthy to note that the reasons highlighted in this article, were not just fabricated from thin air. They are the most prevalent causes of massive failure in WAEC examination according to the West African Examination Council (WAEC). So, without wasting much of your time, lets quickly see the reasons why many people fail WAEC examination.

Why are there massive failure in WAEC examination?

Below are the reasons why people fail WAEC examination:

  • Poor preparation.
  • Fear and anxiety.
  • Examination malpractice.
  • Misinformation.
  • Lateness to examination hall.
  • Lack of prayers.

Those are some of the most prevalent reasons why people fail WAEC examination today. Nonetheless, in the next section of this article, i will be giving a comprehensive explanation of the above points.

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Poor preparation:

This is probably the most prevalent cause of massive failure in WAEC examination today. It is truism that many students no longer study their books before taking WAEC examination, and this has been the main reason why most of them fail the examination. Yes! Students of now a days, solely depend on examination malpractice to pass their examinations.

There is no doubt about this. Even a close friend of mine, who took WAEC examination last two years, failed because of it. Today, it isn’t a surprise to anyone if a student asserts that he/she is taking WAEC examination in a miracle centre (Other wise known as a malpractice center) because, most people even support it.

Fear and anxiety:

Fear/anxiety is another reason why many people fail WAEC examination today. If you allow fear to overshadow you because of what people say about WAEC examination, you will probably fail the examination. Even when you prepare very well, you might still fail. The reason is because, fear has the power of tempering with your mental health, which is totally not a good idea.

Many a time, i have seen people who prepared ardently to pass WAEC examination, but because of the so much fear, tension and anxiety, they forgot all that they read before the examination. Believe me, this is one of the most prevalent causes of massive failure in WAEC examination. You can read my article on whether WAEC is difficult, easy or hard here.

Examination malpractice:

The truth is that, if you engage in examination malpractice in WAEC examination, you are bound to fail already. If you doubt me, ask those candidates who took WAEC examination in 2018. That year, about 2,968 students had their results withheld because, they engaged in examination malpractice. Till today, many of those students have not seen their results. Those who eventually saw theirs, failed some of the importance subjects like Mathematics and English.

The fact is apparently indisputable. Examination malpractice is one of the top reasons why many people fail WAEC examination. I personally don’t advice any of my student to engage in examination malpractice because, it can be traumatizing.

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Another reason why people fail WAEC examination, is misinformation. Yeah! Many students failed WAEC examination last year because, they were misinformed. There was even a girl who missed her examination after reading a fake WAEC timetable published online.

To avoid this mistake, you must make sure you verify anything that you find online. In fact, I advise that you only visit authoritative websites (That is, prestigious education websites) at least they can be trusted to some extent. If you fail to do this, you will be reducing your chance of success in WAEC examination.

Lateness to examination hall:

In some cases, you can be forgiven if you come late to examination hall. But if you unfortunately meet a strict invigilator, you may not be allowed to enter the examination hall until 40minutes after the examination started. I have even seen a boy who was totally forbidden from taking his examination because, he came very late to the examination centre.

So you see, this is also one of the reasons why people fail WAEC examination. To avoid this, I will advise you to make sure that you are always present at your examination centre; 1hour the examination kicks off. Don’t be like the girl i just mentioned above.

Lack of prayers:

As we all know, prayer is the key to success. Sometimes the things that make many students fail WAEC examination, is not even their fault. Maybe something unprecedented. It is only when you pray to your God, that you will be able to surpass them.

Note that I am not directing this point to Christians alone. If you are a Muslim, you must also pray for success. Remember, to ask for a retentive memory when you are praying. Not praying can be a possible reason why you might fail WAEC examination in 2019. So, i advice you not to sidestep this point.

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Having known the various reasons why people fail WAEC examination, I strongly advise you to study them assiduously and try to avoid being a victim of any of them. That is the core reason why i published this article. Hope you enjoyed the ride? Do let me know if you have any contribution to the reasons why people fail WAEC examination massively.


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